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Lia Marie Johnson Is In Trouble With Boyfriend/Producer?

Lia Marie Johnson Is In Trouble With Boyfriend/Producer?

Young stardom often leads to mental meltdowns and mistakes. And Lia Marie Johnson, a 23-year-old YouTube starlet has her fans worried lately. More recently, she was seen on Instagram live, and her followers witnessed something very disturbing.

What’s happening to Lia Marie Johnson?

Lia has been under the spotlight with worry and concern for the past few months. Her live streams indicate that there is a deeper, underlying problem. Either it’s a mental illness or excessive drug use, but Lia Marie Johnson is not safe.

Some time ago, the musician and YouTuber had a mental breakdown on her Instagram live-stream. She also did not seem to be in her conscious senses as she was talking gibberish. Towards the end of the video, she was seen drinking from a bottle covered by a black bag.

Her fans and viewers kept messaging her, asking if she was okay.

She also said:

“I would like all of you to stay sober over the holiday season. Stay as sober as you can, because your family loves you and you’re needed and wanted and totally loved.

“I’m literally saying things to piss people off… and I’m saying things from the bottom of my heart, I’m saying things from emotion, feeling. Don’t judge me.

Lia’s producer Steven Wetherbee creeps out on Instagram live

In yet another Instagram live something even more disturbing surfaced. Lia was first seen, intoxicated and talking to the camera with slurred words. She could also be seen as consuming alcohol from a cup.

But the whole video reached another low when music producer Steven Wetherbee seemed to be taking advantage of the situation.

When the video almost reached it’s 5-minute mark, the producer could be seen advancing at her. After this, the two started making out for a few minutes.

But it soon turned out that he didn’t know they were on Instagram live and he took the phone when he found out. That’s where the video also ended.

The Twitter trend #iamariejohnson was started when people became extremely worried about Lia’s safety. She has not appeared on social media since then. We hope that the young star gets the help she needs, ASAP.