Durte Dom returns to tiktok, shades vlog squad and s*xual assault allegations

Durte Dom returns to TikTok, shades vlog squad, and s*xual assault allegations

Does he think he is ‘uncancellable’?

It’s been a month since serious sexual assault allegations were brought to light against Durte Dom (Dominyakis Zeglaitis). Dom was most popular for being associated with David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad. At the same time, David Dobrik himself, Jeff Wittek, Natalie Noel, Toddy Smith, Carly, and Erinn have all spoken out against Dom and don’t condone his behavior. The matter became much more serious as a rape allegation against Durte Dom, who has still not addressed the incident.

All the sexual assault allegations against Durte Dom

It seems like Dom is not bothered by any sexual assault allegations against him. The Insider article reported a serious incident where a girl with the anonymous name of Hannah claimed that Dom raped her. Moreover, she also appeared in the vlog squad videos where there’s a joke about her and her friend having a threes*me with Dom. The video portrayed the event as consensual, but Hannah shared that it was not the case since she was unconscious and under alcohol.

Hannah also revealed that she had shared this with Dom and asked him to remove the video. Dom only responded by informing her that the video was taken down and nothing else. He didn’t address that she was raped and taken advantage of.

This comes after multiple women accused Dom of sexual assault and sexual harassment. The first allegation was made by YouTuber AH, who detailed her story on her YouTube Channel. That was after a fifteen-year-old girl said Dom took advantage of her while drunk. Countless other women have shared similar instances.

Dom had addressed the AH incident and gave a half-hearted apology that contained some half-truths. Many were not happy about his apology, including AH herself. He had said he would contact her personally, but he never did, per AH.

While David Dobrik made two apology videos about the situation, Dom made none and only made fun of it on TikTok.

David Dobrik made the first apology on his VIEWS podcast, which was a short two-minute apology, and to many, it didn’t seem sincere. Many rejected the apology, including Trisha Paytas.

Then after a few days, Dobrik lost his sponsors after many pulled their financial support and denounced his actions. After that, David Dobrik made a second apology video on his main YouTube channel. This one had more emotions from Dobrik, and he talked about how he now understood what he had done wrong. He understood the power dynamic when the Durte Dom sexual assault incident happened.

On the other hand, Dom made no apology video and didn’t address the situation. He seems to make light of the situation on TikTok.

In one TikTok video, Dom mentions the Vlog Squad. He adds that he was ‘kicked out of vlog squad for…’ and does not mention anything after that.

Dom pretends not to care when he adds, ‘you think you can hurt my feelings?!?’ It’s part of the ‘Bulletproof’ challenge on TikTok. There is a song by LaRoux playing in the background. The person then talks about something embarrassing or traumatic in their past.

Then it seems like he’s also making jokes about Dobrik himself as he filmed several TikToks in the classic David Dobrik style. And in another TikTok, Dom is pretending to get beaten up by an angry mob.

Many people were furious at Dom for making jokes about his serious situation:

Many people commented how they disapproved of Durte’s behavior.

The audacity you have to posting stuff like this…

Comment under TikTok

it’s so obvious he’s looking for a platform to start fresh and hopes everyone will just forget this happened

You are the traumatic thing that happens to people

This is really unsettling that ur posting like nothing even happened…

hate comments durte dom april tik tok Durte Dom

David Dobrik knew about the incident and was friends with Dom for a long time despite it.

When David Dobrik made his apology videos, there was a theme of Dobrik saying that he doesn’t associate with Durte Dom anymore because of his problematic and aggressive acts towards women.

“With people in my life that I don’t film with anymore, like Dom, I chose to distance myself. I don’t align with some of the actions, I don’t stand for any misconduct. I’ve been really disappointed by some of my friends. For that reason, I’ve separated from a lot of them.”

David Dobrik

Then in the second apology video, Dobrik says that he understands why Hannah sent the text to Dom about how she was wronged. It’s unclear if he is admitting to knowing what the text was.

I should have never posted it and what I understand now and I didn’t understand it before is that she sent that text because she felt like she had to. Not because she wanted to. And that’s f*cked up. And I’m sorry.

Dobrik in his second apology video

But Jeff Wittek, another member at the time, confesses that David Dobrik knew about the text when Hannah sent it to Dom but chose to ignore it.

In David’s video he said that he got the text three months after the incident happened. I wasn’t filled in on this. For whatever reasons, I don’t know if he thought that I would attack Dom. or maybe, he didn’t want to tell anyone to protect his squeaky clean brand at the time.

Jeff Wittek speaking about the assault incident in his own video

Moreover, Dobrik stated that he couldn’t grasp that a close childhood friend of his could end up harming people:

I couldn’t wrap my head around a childhood friend of mine doing this to people and actually hurting people. And I’m sorry for that. Not just I platformed Dom. But I also platformed the subject of s*x in a negative way. Where I made jokes about it. And I reinforced that kind of behavior.

What’s more important to note here is that David Dobrik knew that the Insider article was happening, and he got his lawyers first to deny that anything like sexual assault ever happened in the first place. And a few days before the article was published, David Dobrik presented the Kids’ Choice Awards at Nickelodeon to Charli D’Amelio.

The reason why that is important is that Dom commented on it, saying:

shoulda been me on stage :'( shoulda been me on ur page

Dobrik had reportedly liked the comment, hinting that he agrees with Dom.

What’s more, David Dobrik alleged that he stopped associating with Dom in 2019, but he was still seen hanging out with Dom even in 2020.

And when Durte Dom was no longer part of the Vlog Squad, he made a video about why he left the group. He never mentioned that he was ‘kicked out’ of it.

Interestingly, he made that video with Seth Francois, who later accused Jason Nash of sexually assaulting him when David Dobrik pranked him.

This video was posted on Dom’s YouTube Channel on November 30th, 2019. In it, he has a special guest star, Seth Francois. And both claim that both are ‘still cool’ with the vlog squad and haven’t been kicked out. They talked about how they wanted to work on their own individual careers more and focus on their music and business ventures.

In it, Dom also says he wanted to distance himself from the ‘crazy’ character portrayed on the Vlog Squad. He said he’s only like that in real life 20% of the time.

Later, Seth Francois shared how Jason Nash sexually assaulted him while he was with the Vlog Squad. And Dom claims now, after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against him by women, that he was ‘kicked out.’

Dominykas Zeglaitis still has not addressed the rape allegation and all the other allegations.

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