Drew Barrymore Reveals She Was ‘Gaslit’ While Working With Woody Allen

Drew Barrymore Reveals She Was ‘Gaslit’ While Working With Woody Allen

Even though Hollywood loves to show-off the progressiveness of its people and the industry as a whole, there have been many instances when women accused or alleged sexual misconduct and harassment towards certain male celebrities. Drew Barrymore talks about her experience of having to work with someone who was accused of sexual misconduct. Barrymore says she was gaslit and had to ignore the very serious allegations.

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Allegations of sexual misconduct against Woody Allen

One A-lister celeb to hit the news again and again about a sexual assault allegation is none other than Hollywood’s maestro Woody Allen. In August 1992, his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow, then seven years old, accused American filmmaker and actor Woody Allen of molesting her in the house of her adoptive mother, actress Mia Farrow. Allen has denied the allegations numerous times.

Although the general public is divided when it comes to believing the allegations, Drew Barrymore set the record straight once-and-for-all. Not only does she believe the allegations against Woody but also shared that she was gaslit while working for the filmmaker.

Drew Barrymore invited Dylan Farrow on her talk show

Barrymore opened up about working for Woody Allen on The Drew Barrymore Show. She had invited Dylan Farrow to talk about her story. Drew Barrymore says she was ‘gaslit’ while working for Woody Allen. Moreover, the actress regrets the time spent working with him. In addition, she also praised Farrow for speaking out against him.

I did a film with him (Woody) in 1996 called Everyone Says I Love You and there was no higher career calling card than to work with him, at that time.

The actress became regretful of this fact when she became a mother, years later. She added:

“Then I had children, and it changed me because I realized that I was one of the people who was basically gaslit into not looking at a narrative beyond what I was being told. And I see what is happening in the industry now and that is because of you making that brave choice. So, thank you for that.”

Drew was referring to Dylan’s claims that Allen sexually abused her when she was a minor. ‘Allen v. Farrow,’ an HBO documentary series that aired earlier this year, looked into the charges and the family feud. Mia Farrow, Dylan’s mother, and Ronan Farrow, Dylan’s brother, also appeared in the series.


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