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Dolan Twins confuse fans with "brotherly" peck on the lips

Dolan Twins confuse fans with “brotherly” peck on the lips

Dolan Twins have millions of fans around the world. And turns out some of them had not seen their latest vlog titled They Broke Up. Well, they should have seen it because the comments on Grayson Dolan’s latest tweet are hilarious and disturbing at the same time. At first glance, you see two pictures, each showing a kiss, or a peck on the lips, by Dolans. Now, some were confused that why is Grayson kissing his brother Ethan Dolan on the lips. The fans got so confused that they overlooked the hair color, facial hair of the Dolan brothers and even the face of their closest friend, Ryan Karoly.

Dolan Twins were not kissing each other

To clear the confusion, they did not kiss each other. The pictures in Grayson Dolan’s tweet show screenshots from their latest vlog. In reality, There is Grayson in one of the those pictures, while Ethan Dolan is in the other one. And both of them are kissing, or pecking to be precise, their friend Ryan.

There are a lot of people who got disgusted by the pictures, imagining the twins are going all out on each other. Some even called it inc*st. Grayson’s caption of the pictures also had a role to create confusion.

Ryan Karoly is a very close friend of Dolan Twins and they consider him their brother. While some took it as an inc*st post, other called it queerbaiting.

Dolan Twins

Fans really started commenting right away, and a few helped them out in understanding what was going on in the pictures.

A few fans wanted Ryan to tell them who is the better kisser, Ethan Dolan or Grayson Dolan.

If you see the vlog, the pecks will totally make sense to you. Moreover, there were not only 2 kissed as shown in Grayson Dolan’s tweet. There was another one as well, and that failed to make it to the official tweet.

It was a friendly gesture and the pecks only lasted for one microsecond each time. On the other hand, Manny MUA also dropped in to say HI to the twins, in a “brotherly” manner.

Dolan Twins have not responded to Manny MUA’s comment yet.