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Joji nails it with Nectar Merchandise promotion

Joji nails it with Nectar Merchandise promotion

Joji is coming to the music streaming apps near you, and we are too excited for it. George Kusunoki Miller, who goes by the name of Joji, Pink Guy and Filthy Frank, has been keeping people entertained from many years. However, he discontinued his hilarious personalities and started focusing on his music career. Joji’s fans are waiting for September 25, when his new album Nectar drops. Meanwhile, his album merchandise has been released. And you’ll be surprised with the promotional strategy.

Joji is sending free jar of Nectar honey with his products

You do not name your album Nectar without giving away free nectar with it. And that’s why Joji is giving away a free jar of Nectar honey with his Merchandise. All you have to do is select 3 products from the list of Nectar Merchandise. Unfortunately, the offer is available for the US citizens only. And that makes sense since sending honey to another country is impossible.

If you are a Joji fan and a honey fan as well, you might want to get a taste of the Nectar Honey. In fact, his website has a detailed description of how the honey is made. The offer is in collaboration with Eli’s Bee Company, and it’s claimed to be pure nectar.

From nectar to honey, this custom batch is harvested from a single location at one particular time of year. Because the honey is not filtered or pasteurized, each run retains unique properties reflective of its producer, the honeybee.

Delivery cost

The offer is pretty exciting. But, it comes with a disclaimer. In order to ensure that honey arrives at your place safely, the shipping cost of the merchandise with honey will be higher as compared to the merch arriving without honey. The additional cost is to secure the jar of honey so that it does not break and ruin other products ordered.

A reddit user confirmed that the increase in delivery cost was $10. So, the person dropped the free honey option. On the other hand, another reddit user did not have any issue with the cost.

Joji Nectar

We checked Eli’s Bee Company website, and they are selling a taster pack of 4 jars, 4 oz. each at $32 (excluding shipping cost, which is roughly $8 minimum, however depends on your city). The buying, shipping & handling cost of honey is definitely more than $10 so it seems like a very good deal.

Joji’s Nectar Merchandise Models & Spoon for your honey

The fans were also excited to see Joji breaking all the norms of hiring “young models” for his merchandise promotions. He did something totally opposite of it. Joji’s Nectar Merchandise features old citizens, and they have done a pretty good job with it.

Many fans also noticed that Joji’s merchandise does not just include t-shirts, caps, hoodies, digital album and alum CDs. It also includes a Gimme Love themed engraved spoon. Gimme Love is one of his already released songs from Nectar album. It’s a very deep song and you might need that spoon to enjoy the Nectar.