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Inside David Dobrik's Dope $9.5 Million Mansion!

Inside David Dobrik’s Dope $9.5 Million Mansion!

We don’t need an introduction to David Dobrik. He is a man of many talents, and many influencers like Jeffree Star have appeared in his blogs. Oh, and a bunch of celebrities too. It’s been over a year since David Dobrik started looking for new homes. He posted so many pictures of luxurious homes on his Instagram. And a lot of house tours were also seen on his vlogs. Finally, he decided to buy a mansion with a price tag of 9.5 million dollars!

David Dobrik’s New Mansion Is Lit

David and his ‘Vlog Squad’ managed to get their hands on one of the most beautiful mansions in Los Angeles. This brand-new mansion costs more than 9 million dollars. Which made me google the price of Jeffree Star’s mansion. And my jaw is literally on the floor. So Jeffree’s mansion costs around 14 million dollars. Wow, these YouTubers know how to pick their houses!

David also filmed a vlog in Jeffree’s old mansion. We don’t know if they are on good terms now. As they not following each other on social media. Anyways, jumping back to David’s brand new million dollars mansion and its beautiful infinity pool.

David’s House Tour Video Is Hilarious

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but Addison Rae and Harry Jowsey shared stories from David’s new mansion on their Instagram. And Addison’s latest photos are also taken by the infinity pool.

While giving the house tour, David says while looking at the doormat, which has the letter ‘D’ printed on it:

“This is my house mat which you probably already know stands for ‘D*uchebags’.

Ouch, that’s harsh. David posted a video of his House Tour, and Liza Koshy helped him out and made the vlog super funny. They showed the kitchen, living room, bedroom, movie theatre, and backyard.

Some very cool features of the mansion!

And he also mentioned the coolest part about the house, a Hawaiian punch fountain! Dobrik showed his fans a demonstration as he took out a fruit punch from the fountain and started drinking from it:

“This is my favorite part of the entire house … It’s a water fountain like you get at school, but instead of water, check it out — It’s fruit punch. It’s freaking ridiculous!”

The idea came from Adam Sandler’s movie ‘Mr. Deeds’ that came out back in 2002.

According to the listing, this property boasts six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, as well as a range of impressive features such as a wine room capable of holding 300 bottles, a cinema, a jukebox, a pool table, three fireplaces, sculptures, murals, and even an Iron Man suit. That is pretty impressive, I must say!

The house is decorated with neon signs displaying motivational phrases like “Proud but not satisfied.” The outdoor area spans 0.6 acres and includes a basketball court, an infinity pool, and a two-seated swing deck.

It also has a state-of-the-art recording studio for Dobrik’s Views Podcast!

Another cool part of the residence is a recording studio equipped for television, full of blue-light signs promoting his podcast “Views,” stylish geometric back-lit wall tiles, and wooden bookshelves.

When the pandemic first hit, Dobrik temporarily stopped producing content but later chose to build a secure area suitable for guests on his show—every celebrity who enters the area gets a COVID test. Dobrik intends to upload new content to YouTube at least once a week, commencing with a fresh interview with popular musician Halsey!

Anyways, stay tuned for more updates about Dobrik. Meanwhile, let us know what you think of the gigantic, dope mansion!