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Is Vampire Academy Season 2 Happening?

Is Vampire Academy Season 2 Happening?

Peacock’s Vampire Academy TV Series just finished its season and was undoubtedly one hell of a wild ride. Vampire academy managed to engage a dedicated audience due to its thrilling storyline and great cast. The vampire academy characters are written so well. Vampire Diaries alum Julie Plec teamed up with Marguerite MacIntyre to bring the Vampire Academy book series onto the tv screen. With a massive cliffhanger in the finale of the first season, fans are waiting to find out if they will ever have a Vampire Academy season 2.

Will there be a Vampire Academy season 2?

As of yet, there’s been no news if we’re going to get a new season of vampire academy or not. But the good news is that the show has not been canceled either. Due to the positive reviews on the first season, we can definitely expect Vampire Academy season 2 to be confirmed.

Kieron Moore, the actor who plays Dmitri, shared:

“So much happens in this first season that it’s a hundred miles an hour. We’ll challenge and hopefully entice new audiences, but we’ve only seen a speckle of what this could be. This world is vast. There are so many things that we introduce. I hope the show doesn’t give people too many answers because the questions are ultimately more important. The more questions, the more demand.”

Vampire Academy Season 2 Release Date…if it’s renewed

Since Vampire Academy is a Peacock original, we can get some hints from how other TV shows of the streaming service fared. One Of Us Is Lying came out in October 2021. And it got renewed after a few months in January 2022. Later, One Of Us Is Lying season 2 got into production. And was released in October of this year in 2022.

If Vampire Academy follows a similar pattern, it will hopefully get renewed in January of 2023 and into production immediately afterward. Then Vampire Academy season 2’s release date may come in October or September 2023! Fans can then see Vampire Academy on Peacock during that time, hopefully.

It will be a tough wait for the fans, but it will surely be worth it. With so many shows coming on the streaming service, this definitely stood out. Moreover, it was much better than the Vampire Academy film of 2014.

The Vampire Academy series left us all with so many questions.

Vampire Academy’s Lissa (Daniela Knieves) and Rose (Sisi Stringer) have to now be on the run after Tatiana framed Lissa as a suspect for the murder of Queen Marina. We all know that Tatiana probably poisoned and killed the queen because she led the Strigoi attack on the Dominion with the help of Christian’s parents. Meanwhile, Christian (Andre Dae Kim) becomes a monk to help seal the wards and finds out that he’s actually married to Lissa.

They both share a bittersweet farewell and hope to see each other again. The same goes for Rose and Dmitri (Kieron Moore), who confess their love for each other. We also see a heartwarming moment between Mia (Mia Mckenna Bruce) and Meredith (Rhian Blundell), who find their way back to each other.

The Dominion is now under Tatiana. And that means things aren’t going to be great for the Moroi or the Dhampir community. We’ll have to wait and see how Lissa returns to defeat Tatiana and reclaim her crown.

For these reasons and more, we can’t wait to see Vampire Academy season 2! Hopefully, we’ll hear about the renewal news soon. We’ll keep you posted!