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David Dobrik blames Corinna Kopf for his lacking prowess in bed

In a new highly inappropriate video, Corinna Kopf share a story of how David Dobrik turned down her offer of sleeping with him.

A few months back, Vlog Squad came under fire when Durte Dom was accused of SA.

According to a woman named Hannah, Dom and David Dobrik invited her to shoot a video. However, she claimed that Durte Dom r**ed and s**ually assaulted her. Despite the allegations, Dom denied them and took some time off the internet. At the time, it was not revealed if Dobrik and the rest of Vlog Squad knew about the assault or not. However, the Youtuber apologized and deleted the video in which Hannah appeared.

According to Dom, Dobrik was reluctant to delete the video and only agreed after a lawyer advised. During all this time, Corinna Kopf did not respond to the issue. Although she is a close friend to Dobrik and Dom, she decided not to comment.

Due to their close friendship, people have speculated about Kopf and David Dobrik’s relationship.

“We’ve never had s*x. The internet knows we kissed one time at his apartment. Doesn’t mean anything at all.”

Recently, a video went viral where Corinna Kopf revealed some intimate details about David Dobrik.

The video starts with David Dobrik surrounded by some kids. According to Dobrik, they were the biggest fans of Corinna Kopf. When one kid tells him they were talking about her, he asks them what about her. To which the kid responds that they were talking about Kopf’s n-des. After that, the video cuts to Dobrik, Corinna Kopf, and another friend sitting in a room.

At the beginning of the clip, their friends question both YouTubers about the nature of their relationship. At the same time, Dobrik claims to be shocked that they have never had s**. This leads to Kopf narrating a story of when she asked Dobrik to f**k. She said:

We were in the hot tub one day and I asked that let’s just f**k. I mean I don’t want to die and not f**k you. And he said that he would not be able to get hard or stay hard. I’m like what do you mean!

In response, the friends claimed that David Dobrik said the same to them. Then they all laugh. Furthermore, Corinna Kopf seductively tells Dobrik she is hungry for his massive w****r. Dobrik replies:

Its not that big, I have talked to you about it. Its actually very underwhelming.

Once again, one of the friends responds that Dobrik is not telling the truth. Again, they all laugh at the inappropriate joke.

Honestly speaking, no one knows what the purpose of this video is. But then again, what is the purpose of any of their videos?

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