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David Dobrik Catches Todd With Assistant Natalie?

David Dobrik and his assistant + best friend + not-a-lover + not-a-girlfriend Natalie Noel are the real BFF goals. The famous YouTuber is always pulling pranks on her. But, we all know he adores her as well. That’s why he has not only gifted her a Mercedes in 2018, a Ford in 2019, and a puppy in 2020 (clickbait). But, he has also caught Todd coming out of her room.

David Dobrik Surprises Natalie

Yes, he is very generous when it comes to retaining his best assistant Natalie Noel. That’s why he was not going to stop surprising her with the cars on her birthdays. This time, David decided to up the game by using a puppy as a clickbait.

In a video where he was supposed to show Natalie being surprised by a puppy, the video turned out to be something else entirely. Well, Natalie received a hug from the puppy, there’s no denying that. But she was also shocked to see David Dobrik’s timings.

If you do not know it yet, Natalie stays with David Dobrik. She used to be his ex-neighbor, but now she is living with him. That’s why he was there at the perfect moment.

A few days after teasing them with a Billboard, David caught Todd coming out of Natalie’s room in what seemed like a walk-of-shame.

Natalie asked David to stop running after Todd, however, he succeeds in catching up with him. Next, Todd is seen coming back inside the house. Then, David tries to pretend that Todd didn’t spend the night with Natalie. He was visiting her after having breakfast. However, Zane Hijazi adds the necessary comment to Todd:

You are living everybody’s dream.

And Todd says: “Oh, She is”.

Heart Broken?

Though David Dobrik is trying his best to ship Todd with Natalie, giving people proof that he is not dating her. It still feels like everything is scripted or planned. Some are heartbroken by seeing Natalie with Todd, instead of David Dobrik. While some are calling David out for using clickbait too much.

He is even called out for not giving shoutouts any more.

Toddy Smith was previously dating Corinna Kopf. However, they are still friends and a part fo the Vlog squad. He recently addressed the Billboard scene with Natalie in a Vlog. He even seemed shy filming with her.

What do you guys think? Has David Dobrik is really failing at content ideas? Are Natalie and Todd really dating?