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Kenny KO Reacts to Vitaly’s Steroid Use Admission

Kenny KO’s latest offering comes in the form of a response video to VitalyzdTV’s Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. YouTube prankster previously claimed that he is natural but now he’s admitting to the use of steroids. Maybe Bradley Martin has knocked the truth out of him. Bang Energy promoter also thinks that he looks younger and no one can achieve a physique like his even with steroids. Kenny Boulet and many others, however, don’t agree with the crazy Russian prankster.

Kenny KO’s Analysis of Vitaly using Steroids

Boulet’s latest video is all about the Russian who almost got knocked-out by Zoo Culture’s Bradley Martyn and turned Logan Paul vs KSI rematch into Vitaly vs Bradley Martyn showdown. Kenny KO refers back to the time when Vitaly used to deny the use of steroids. Remember the fiasco involving FouseyTube and Vitaly on Keemstar’s DramaAlert? If not, here’s a reminder.

Back then the man in question went through a transformation that turned his one pack into 6 pack abs in no time. The change in physique caught the attention of many and thought it was all because of steroids. Vitaly, however, claimed to be natty (natural) and that’s when Kenny KO also jumped in and gave his verdict.

Fast forward to the present and it’s not a secret anymore. VitalyzdTV’s creator admits that he is using gear and is running the steroid cycles. In response to a question regarding his use of steroids, Vitaly admitted in his way. Something Kenny KO knew many moons back,

Testosterone is amazing and is FDA approved. Accuse my use of steroids all you want but my blood work is 100% and I go see my doctor every month.

So basically, he is on a cycle but he does it responsibly. Kenny KO calls attention to another bold statement made by Vitaly.

People say I’ve started looking better and younger since I started my steroid cycle.

Boulet, however, is not buying that and shares some comments that people have made about the Russian. Here some reactions to Vitaly’s bold statement.

Havoc on YouTube writes:

Vitaly: Loses hair and says “People say I’m looking younger”

Another one says:

Bro skipped his 30s. Don’t use drugs kids, including steroids.

Kenny KO backed these comments and finished off the video by adding his thoughts.

In my opinion, he has aged ten years over the last two years.

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What are Steroids?

Corticosteroids aka steroids are synthetic drugs that resemble a naturally occurring hormone called Cortisol. In bodybuilding terms, these growth hormones are known as Anabolic steroids and this is what Kenny KO and Vitaly are referring to here.

Anabolic steroids resemble the male hormone testosterone and help increase it synthetically. It makes a man more manly by enhancing the size of muscles and many other physical features in a short time but it’s illegal and has many side effects.

Now, I’m not sure which drug Kenny KO and the subject are talking about but the following are some of the most common Anabolic Steroids used by bodybuilders.

AnadrolOxandrinDianabolWinstrolDeca-durabolin and Equipoise.