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Daniel Howell is proud he came out a year ago

Daniel Howell is proud he came out a year ago

Daniel Howell, one half of the Dan and Phil, is doing quite successful on his own. He has his own YouTube channel with over six million followers. Not only that, but he also has his channel with long time friend Phil Lester, Dan, and Phil Games. The YouTuber is actually doing pretty well with himself as he is now celebrating one year of coming out as gay to his followers. Last year, in the Pride Month, Dan posted a video on his YouTube channel titles ‘Basically I’m Gay’ on his personal channel. His ever dedicated fans were full of support and so, a year later he says he is very proud that he came out a year ago. As the tweet goes,

One year since coming out to the world i can say it was the best decision i’ve ever made. Finally being honest with myself and accepted for who i am was a feeling of relief and freedom that completely changed my life. Thank you.

Daniel Howell came out on the 14th of June 2019.

Exactly a year ago from this tweet, Daniel Howell tweeted the following.

At the time, he was afraid and excited at the same time. He replied his own tweet at the time saying;

This really feels like a new chapter for me. I doubted all my life that the world would change to be a place i could personally feel open and accepted and that’s because of all of you. Thank you.

Daniel Howell has the support of his followers and fellow YouTubers such as Connor Franta and best friend Phil Lester. The YouTuber, during the year, has celebrated his sexuality to its fullest. Even now, a year later, his fans have the kindest and polite words to say for him. We wish him a happy coming out anniversary!