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Danielle Cohn comes out as member of LGBTQ community?

Danielle Cohn, the famous YouTuber, Instagram personality & TikTok Star, is in quarantine. But that did not stop her from sharing a life update. Danielle is known for her age controversy, Bang drinks promotions, and interesting TikToks. She is also famous for her dating life. Danielle has broken up from her boyfriends as most of them were probably into her fame and money. Anyways, she just shared a detailed and personal Vlog. And the title says: LIFE UPDATE *Am I coming out?* Question is, is she? Danielle Cohn shares life update…another one Whether you have observed it or not, Danielle Cohn shares life updates on a regular basis. And that’s because she claims there’s so much going on in her life that a life update becomes necessary. So, first of all, like everyone else, she is bored with the quarantined life. Danielle says quarantine is good only in one sense that she gets to catch up with the shows, movies, and stuff. She also want to thank all the nurses and doctors working at this crucial time. She also built a trampoline and moon bouncer. Danielle Cohn has finally settled in her new house. She is happy that the house is huge and peaceful, and her “animals” can enjoy it. Danielle also confirmed that she wants another animal. Then she quickly gives her an ocean-themed bedroom tour. Next update, she has 4 new tattoos. Danielle says she was never a tattoo girl when she was growing up. But now, she is. Though her mum is not in favor of her getting more tattoos. But we know, Danielle Cohn will get some. She says she’ll focus on meaningful tattoos only. Related: Danielle Cohn’s New House Tour is Insane Playlist drama, intimacy, boyfriends, sexuality & LGBTQ While addressing Playlist 2020, Danielle Cohn […]
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