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Dan Howell Just Came Out During Pride Month and We’re Panicking

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It was five years ago when I first started watching Dan Howell’s videos and I’ve been following him religiously since then. I love that man. Seriously, he’s the most real and relatable YouTuber out there. It has been quite some time since he last uploaded anything and imagine my surprise when I get a notification from his channel and the title says, Basically I’m Gay. Trust me when I say that I screamed and fell off the bed.

Dan Howell Talks About His Journey in Accepting His Sexuality and Phil Lester

Before uploading a video of basically him coming out, telling about his journey and his struggle, Dan posted on his twitter.

You know I had an inkling, but I just didn’t want to jump to conclusions. Because we’re no one to point at someone and say they’re obviously gay because there’s a reason why they’re not out yet.

So when an hour later, Dan posts the tweet announcing his new video, I was not ready. And all the people in the phandom would agree. Twitter is a mess right now. There are fans crying, screaming – basically everyone is in the panic mode. And its all justified because DAN HOWELL CAME OUT IN THE MOST DAN HOWELL WAY! And that too in PRIDE MONTH!

The video is divided into 4 parts and talks about different things in all of them. From him being a small child watching everyone say that being Gay was something bad, to him realizing that he was gay, him finding about bisexuality, his struggle with depression and finally labels. Trust me by the end of the video you’d be crying buckets.

Somewhere in the video he talks about his friendship with Phil Lester and calls it more than a friendship. I literally awwwed at that moment. You know, Dan and Phil have been a big part of my life, and to see Dan coming out today, I’m just so proud.

He is Trending on Twitter

I wasn’t exaggerating when I said that fans on twitter are in a chaos. Dan Howell is currently trending at number 1 worldwide. Under this tag you’ll find fans rejoicing, crying and screaming.

Below are some of the tweets showing fans reaction.


This tweet is a mood.

Hopefully this video will help people struggling with their sexuality. I’ll just like to end this with, stay strong and stay brave. And as Dan said, You’re Valid. 

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