Corinna Kopf & others call out Hootie Hurley for making TikTok about Vanessa Merrell

Hootie Hurley, is an influencer that makes TikToks and is friends with popular TikTok stars such as Bryce Hall and the Sway Boys. But he did something problematic recently. He posted a TikTok including pictures and videos of his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Merrell, without her consent. This led to a lot of backlash aimed at him.

Vanessa Merrell is one of the Merrell Twins, who prefer having their personal lives private

There are definitely all kinds of YouTubers, TikTok stars, influencers, and content creators. Some like to talk about their private lives, some like Gabbie Hanna even have videos dedicated to talking about personal life details.

But some like to keep their personal lives private and they only make content related to their niche. The Merrell Twins, Vanessa and Veronica Merrell are actually popular singers and musicians. They also post lifestyle videos, makeup videos, and comedy sketches on their channel.

Hootie Hurley

It’s quite a diverse YouTube channel and boasts over 5 million subscribers. They’re definitely popular on social media as well. Their Merrell Twins Instagram account has over a million followers.


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Would you rather be just an okay singer OR instantly be able to play any instrument in the world like a pro!? 🤔

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But their loyal and long-time fans know that one thing the Merrell Twins really love is the privacy of their personal lives. They don’t like to share details such as their romantic relationships.

Hootie Hurley didn’t care for Vanessa Merrell’s privacy when he posted the TikTok about her

Vanessa’s ex-boyfriend, Hootie Hurley posted this on TikTok, and it seems like he didn’t ask for permission from Vanessa Merrell.


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looks like #veronicamerrell was not too happy about #hootiehurley posting this tiktok of her sister😬

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Veronica Merrell quickly commented on Hootie’s TikTok, stating:

This was over a year ago. Get a life. You didn’t have permission or Vanessa’s consent to post this. Delete and go clout chase somewhere else.

The same TikTok is still up on his account despite Veronica Merrell and many others telling him to delete it.

This was the first time people even got to know about the fact that Vanessa and Hootie used to be in a relationship. They have broken up now but Hootie isn’t being a respectful ex-boyfriend it seems.

Corinna Kopf called Hootie Hurley out for his behavior

She commented this on the matter, calling him out on him posting pictures of him and Vanessa without her consent:

hey @HootieHurley what in your right mind makes you think it’s okay to post videos to the internet from a past relationship that you never got consent to post. imagine not respecting a woman’s privacy just so you can get a few likes on tik tok…
Moreover, she also called him ‘trash’ for not deleting the TikTok even though many people keeping telling him to:
not only that, you’ve been asked by multiple people to take down the video and still choose not to. you’re complete trash my guy. not to mention you’re too scared to even pick up my calls.
Corinna Kopf calls out Hootie Hurley

In response to this, Hootie Hurley didn’t feel apologetic at all. He just retweeted Corinna’s tweet and shared that he misses Vanessa Merrell.

Hootie Tweet Corinna

Even popular YouTuber Alex Wassabi called him out:

Alex Wassabi on Hootie Hurley

In response to this, Hootie Hurley tweeted out saying that he missed Veronica yet again:

Hootie Tweets Alex

This led to back-and-forth tweets with Alex Wassabi also tweeting out this:

alex hootie twitter exchange

And finally, Hootie Hurley’s replied to this tweet saying:

Dang now we are bullying? On that note if anyone is being bullied and needs someone to talk to feel free to dm me ♡

Hootie Hurley may lose his influencer friends following this event. Many followers online were also calling him out for not respecting Vanessa’s privacy.

One follower commented on Hootie’s antibullying tweet stating:

before u talk about bullying, learn to respect ones privacy. vanessa is very private when it comes to her personal life, especially relationships. she didn’t want her relationship to be displayed publicly and u put it out for mill of ppl. i can’t believe she wasted her time on u

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