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Camila Cabello ‘Bad kind of butterflies’ secretly about Matthew Hussey?

Romance by Camila Cabello was one of the steamiest albums ever. Released in December 2019, the album is surely a rollercoaster of emotions. The first single from the album, ‘Seniorita’, in collaboration with Shawn Mendes is widely addressed by listeners as the hottest song. Probably owing to the raw romance between the two singers. However, if you believe that, you have yet to be surprised by the rest of the album. So, we all remember Camila’s ‘Bad Kind of Butterflies’ from Romance. Here’s a fun fact, the song is a note to her ex-boyfriend Matthew Hussey for their break-up.

Bad Kind of Butterflies

‘Bad Kind of Butterflies’ is about Matthew Hussey.

So, we all know of Camila Cabello‘s rumors of dating Shawn Mendes from early last year. Even though the young couple confirmed their relationship in July, the media was all over them when they were working on ‘Seniorita’. In reality, at the time, she was dating relationship guru Matthew Hussey. All the lyrics from ‘Bad Kind of Butterflies’ join together to make the perfect unapologetic admission of an unprecedented romance.

Let’s breakdown the song.

Come here and sit next to me
Don’t look at me while I’m breaking
After what I’m gonna say
I understand if you hate me

Okay, so that’s the cliche line everyone uses when breaking up. So, part 1 of Camila’s admission.

What do I do when I love you and want somebody else?
What do I lose if I don’t choose and keep it to myself?
I got bad, bad, bad kind of butterflies
Like when you got something to hide
Lies, tellin’ you that I’m alright
Tonight, tonight
Bad, bad butterflies in my chest
There’s something I gotta confess
Yes, somebody’s stuck in my head
And I, and I

So, she is stuck between whether to choose either Matthew or Shawn or to keep it to herself and be cynical with her deceit. She states that she is okay telling Matthew that she is alright as she cannot get Shawn out of her head.

I know I said we were friends
And when I said that, I meant it
Somewhere between now and then
It became more than just a friendship

Since she became friends with Shawn, she was adamant that it was a friendship but she does not believe it could become something more but, it does. There may be proof that she definitely saw them coming we found on

During “I Know What You Did Last Summer” I really bonded with him as more than a friend, I think he did, too, but we were both really young, and he was experiencing the pressures of his career….

…An energy was there from the beginning, but after that song, we didn’t spend as much time together. Our paths just didn’t cross in that way romantically until we started hanging out again and writing. For me, it just brought it back.

So… Bad Kind of Butterflies it is. The next verse may be pointing towards the fact that Matthew Hussey, being a relationship guru, had advised her against it after her confession. (This is just speculation)

Come here and sit next to me
You tell me, “Baby, just say it”
Warnin’ me it’s a mistake
I just know I gotta make it

So there you have it! The story behind Camila and her Bad Kind of Butterflies.

Note: This is just a theory and may not be accurate but it sure is compelling!