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Camila Cabello ‘Romance’ Album Review

Here is what we think of Camila Cabello's new album; Romance

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A few days ago, on the 10th of December, ex-fifth Harmony member, Camila Cabello posted that her second album, Romance, is out now! We were excited to hear about it ever since she revealed that she was done with it.

Camila Cabello’s new album, Romance, is a mixture of all the emotions one feels during his or her fanciful love life. Love is a universal emotion, yet each of her songs depicts a different phase or a different story she tried to tell.


We had a lot of expectations with the release of ‘Senorita‘ and Liar as singles featured in the albums.  And Camila did not disappoint! Here is the tracklist released by Camila, beforehand.

Songs included in Romance

Here’s our views on the songs by Camila in ‘Romance’

The album is perfectly balanced with its lyrics. While one song shows the affectionate and soft side of love, the other shows the vulnerable side of it. In songs like ‘Shameless’ and ‘Liar’, she steps out of her zone and becomes a bold version of herself. Overall, Camila’s depiction of love is simple yet so complicated throughout the album. She adds realistic perspectives through the negatives and with a reassurance of getting a life full of love.

We all have seen throughout the year, her steaming hot romance with singer, Shawn Mendes. Senorita is a perfect reflection of their story and it gives listeners a touch of Latin romances. Not to mention how hot the Shawn Mendes and Camila VMAs performance was.

The persona of the young woman is really reflecting in her album as with her charming charisma. Her thoughts and visions are also as passionate as ‘Burning Blood’.

The song ‘Feel it Twice’, shows the pain and hurt felt with a heartbreak. Camila’s soft and dynamic voice brings out the emotions present in the song. We can already see it in the “break-up songs” list of many!

The song ‘First Man’ shows a different side of ‘Romance’. That is; the love of a father from her childhood to her adulthood. The tender and gentle love of her father, the first ever man she fell in love with is beautifully expressed by her. The song gives this album an “awe” worthy take which could be felt by everyone.

Other songs like ‘Bad kind of Butterflies’ also gave us the butterflies. Camila sings words that are in all of our heads. Songs like ‘Easy’ are easy to relate to, too! (okay, will stop now!)

Here’s what some fans thought of the album


Glad to know just how much Camila’s fans support and love her. The Cuban singer has come a long way since her fifth harmony days. Despite missing the group together, Camila’s career path makes us so happy.

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