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The Ellen Show Makes Justin Bieber & Usher 'Spill The Tea'

The Ellen Show Makes Justin Bieber & Usher ‘Spill The Tea’

Ellen DeGeneres is a host who always has something up her sleeve. Whether it’s surprising her audience with a free vacation or scaring her guests, Ellen is one entertaining host.

When people come on The Ellen Show as audience members, they’re subjected to a couple of segments of fun. One of which includes ‘Spill The Tea’ in which Ellen gets to know her audience members a little better by making them spill their secrets. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

A few days ago, Ellen had a few empty spaces after her selected audience members had joined her up on the stage. And you guessed it right. Those empty spaces were filled by none other than Justin Bieber and Usher.

Justin Bieber and Usher ‘Spill The Tea’

So in the game aptly called ‘Spill The Tea’, Ellen is given five secrets from five audience members. In this particular segment, there are three audience members, one Usher and one JB. She then has to try and guess which secret belongs to whom.

One of the secrets said, “I accidentally sexted my dad” which Ellen IMMEDIATELY gave to Justin. And another that read “My childhood name was Cha Cha” she gave to Usher. However, that wasn’t correct and Ellen proceeded to move things around a few times.

However, no matter how many times Ellen moved the secrets around, she never actually got all of them. But good thing we’re here to tell you what happened.

Justin Bieber’s secret ended up being that he broke into a school. Although that wouldn’t be called spilling the tea. It’s a very JB thing for him to do. And Usher, well Ellen was right on the money about that one from the very start. Usher was, in fact, called Cha Cha in his childhood.