Blaire White says Jeffree Star has alleged proof that James Charles is a predator

Blaire White was making it clear that she had enough of Jeffree Star. After a bunch of stuff came out in regards to Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star orchestrating the James Charles X Tati Westbrook drama, Blaire came out with her own stance. Now, she’s revealing some dark details on how exactly Jeffree Star manipulated her and many others in the YouTube community.

Blaire White was making it clear that Jeffree Star is to blame for the Tati x James drama and not Shane Dawson

When everyone was coming after Shane Dawson because they thought he had planned the Tati attack on James, Blaire White was having none of it. Here is what she had to say on that:

Blaire White Jeffree Star

Then she deemed Jeffree Star a monster:

Jeffree Star Monster

How Jeffree Star manipulated Blaire White and got into contact with her

We have to go to start. When Tati Westbrook deemed James Charles a predator that preys on straight men and coerces them into doing s*xual acts without their consent, Jeffree Star came out in support of Tati. Jeffree further called James a ‘danger to society’. Moreover, at the time Star also said that he had proper receipts exposing James Charles’s predatory behavior.

Jeffree Star Receipts

But since he said that, Jeffree released no receipts and gave no evidence to support his statement. Then he completely backed off and moved on from the drama, much like Tati and James. Blaire White thinks that Jeffree should have provided the receipts if there were any. But this was a year ago.

Blaire shares that Jeffree Star first came into contact with her through Twitter DMs when she mentioned just his first name in response to another random tweet. That tweet said that Blaire was going to make a video on Jeffree’s involvement with Dahvie Vanity (a predator musician) because it was quite shady.

Jeffree Star came into contact with her after this and FaceTimed Blaire White. It was a ploy to get Blaire White to not make an expose video on him. Jeffree basically claimed that all of the receipts she has linking Jeffree to Dahvie Vanity were fabricated and not true. But later on in an interview with Chris Hansen, he went back to what he told Blaire and said that those receipts were in fact true. Which Blaire thinks is manipulative behavior.

Jeffree Star shares voice memo of James Charles victim claiming he took advantage of them

During his contact with Blaire, Jeffree asks her what she thinks of James Charles. Blaire responded honestly, saying that when Jeffree Star called him a predator and had evidence to prove it, he should have done it right at that moment.

But almost a year later, Jeffree Star is telling Blaire White a piece of information that the police authorities should know if it is true. Star shares with Blaire a voice memo.  A voice memo is from the alleged victim of James Charles. The victim is a popular YouTuber who has not come out with their story but in the voice note confirmed that James Charles had mole*ted him.

Jeffree Star then claimed that this is why James Charles doesn’t come after him because as per Jeffree, he has ‘dirt’ on everyone. That is when Blaire thought all of it was very shady. She thinks that Jeffree Star tells other YouTubers this sensitive information and tries to manipulate everyone into doing what he wants.

Blaire White reached out to the alleged victim and encouraged them to share their story

Blaire stated that she did reach out to the victim and told them it was okay for them to share their story of how they were abus*ed. Though, she made it clear that it was not her place to out the victim. Blaire shared that she did not want to be complicit in covering up such a story where a powerful YouTuber has taken advantage of someone in a s*xual manner.

Moreover, this was something personal to Blaire White because she herself has been a r*pe victim. She wants to let it be known that Jeffree Star has this information and alleged proof that James Charles took advantage of someone. If this happens to be true, she doesn’t want the predatory behavior to continue happening without any consequences.

This evidence on James Charles is something other YouTubers probably know too

Blaire White also says that many other YouTubers and influencers probably know of this information as well. She also says that Star teased the same receipts to Keemstar and FaZe Banks. She doesn’t think it’s okay for Jeffree Star to have such sensitive information and to use for his own interests.

White also says that other people are silent on the issue because they have been paid to be silent but she is not going to be one of those people:

A lot of people are afraid of Jeffree Star… A lot of people have Jeffree in their ear constantly. In their DMs, trying to manipulate them or get them to run with certain stories. He’s paying off people for silence. He’s paying people to say certain things. Never Me. But I am just disgusted that he expected me to be one of these people that he can drop these disgusting bombs on and I’m supposed to be like… ‘hehe, funny tea, funny gossip’.

Lastly, Blaire also addresses the recent Shane Dawson drama where he made pedophilia jokes and inappropriate comments in regards to Willow Smith. White says she doesn’t condone it and she thinks the jokes went too far.

After Blaire made this video, Tati Westbrook posted a video where she confirmed these allegations against Jeffree.

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