Black Noir Is Worse Than Homelander in The Boys Comics

Black Noir Is Worse Than Homelander in The Boys Comics

The gritty tales of Amazon Prime’s The Boys certainly had everyone talking. It takes a unique look into how superheroes can actually be the bad guys. In this fictional universe, the superheroes are worshipped like celebrities and it is revealed that they are actually not as selfless as promotional marketing makes them out to be. The most famous group of superheroes are the Seven. To fight them, The Boys consisting of Billy Butcher, Hughie, Mother’s Milk, Frenchie and The Female unite.

Superheroes’ The Seven

The main group of villains is actually the most popular group of superheroes known as The Seven. In the Seven, we have Homelander (Antony Starr), the leader of the group. He is what you might get if you combine Captain America and Superman and removed all of their humanity.

There’s Queen Maeve, a closeted superhero;  Translucent, the invisible creepy guy who gets killed by The Boys; A-Train, the super-fast runner who kills Hughie’s girlfriend; The Deep, he commits sexual harassment to the new recruit and can talk to fish; Starlight, the new recruit and the only superhero that we can still have some hope in who is also Hughie’s new girlfriend.

We were told bits and pieces of information regarding each supe’s background and their personalities. The only one in the Seven that we know almost nothing about is Black Noir. He’s a bit mysterious, to say the least.

Black Noir in Amazon Prime’s The Boys

In the show, he has not spoken yet and no one directly interacts with him. We only saw Homelander speak to him once where he only approved of his good behavior. At other times, we just see him singing autographs alongside Starlight. Oh also, he killed The Female/Kimiko before her superpowers brought her back to life.

He never takes off his mask. We know nothing else except that Nathan Mitchell plays him.

Black Noir Is Homelander Only Worse…

One thing that completely shocked me was that Black Noir is actually worst than Homelander in the comics of The Boys. That’s because he is supposed to be a copy of Homelander.  Yes, I was as shocked as you might be!

Black Noir is actually a replica of Homelander but that is kept hidden for a long while in the comics. This supe was created by the Vought corporation to keep the original Homelander in check. Though, Noir could not handle the task very well and as a result, does some really fucked up shit.

It’s revealed in the comics that Black Noir rapes Hughie and forces Starlight to wear a costume she does not want before Queen Maeve stops him.

In The Boys comics, Noir while pretending to be Homelander, rapes Butcher’s wife Becca. In fact, his hatred for Homelander is so much that he commits multiple crimes such as murdering women and cannibalizing children in Homelander’s costume so that he can take incriminating pictures to frame the real Homelander.

Holy shit, right?

Will This Happen in Amazon Prime’s The Boys As Well?

A lot has changed when the original comics were adapted into a TV show. Take Starlight’s assault story for instance. In the original comics, A-Train, Homelander, and Black Noir are the ones that force Starlight to give them sexual favors in exchange for the protection of her position in The Seven. They also only get consequences for this much later on when The Boys bring them down.

But on the screens, we saw how the Deep was the only one who committed sexual harassment and is punished for his actions immediately. This major change only occurred because of the changing cultural climate that’s happening in Hollywood post #MeToo era.

So, we’re not sure if the show would include the scenes of Black Noir committing atrocious crimes against women. Plus, we don’t even know if it’ll be an exact replica of Homelander since the actor who plays Black Noir is actually Black and in the comics this character is caucasian.

It’s anyone’s guess at this point. But it would be interesting to see what story the showrunners come up with on the Boys for Black Noir.


  1. Interesting…hooked on the series. Now I’m more interested in the novels.

    If they changed the sexual harassment scene … No way a “black homelander” will be portrayed as even worse… #snowflakes

  2. It’s called sexual assault or rape not “harassment” be coerced a sexual favor out of someone who didn’t want to. Harrassment is cat calling.

  3. Also when was the deep “punished” her showing him that she is willing to protect herself is not him getting punished for rape….

    • he got punished for what he did he was kicked out of the seven, forced to moved away, had to make a speech on live tv about what he did to starlight & other women then got raped himself when that women he brought home forcefully fingered his gills when he told her to stop

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