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Addison Rae Cozying Up With Logan Paul After Breakup with Bryce Hall

We never thought this day would come when Addison Rae would part ways with their boyfriend, Bryce Hall. These two love birds not only looked good together on the screen. But they also had very unique chemistry in real life. Long story short, Addison and Bryce’s relationship has been going through a bumpy ride since last year. I don’t know if you remember Bryce Hall’s birthday drama with the strippers, which resulted in Addison being so upset that she ended things with Bryce. Then, a couple of months later, the couple had a reconciliation, and everything has been going smoothly until now.

In a recent interview, Addison kind of spilled the beans that she is not in a relationship with Bryce anymore. And her music debut, “Obsessed” clearly explains that. Bryce also appeared in the latest episode of the BFFs podcast and explained that he was the one who broke up with Addison (a month ago). Because his recent trip to Vegas and the whole stripper thing put a significant crack in his relationship with Addison. But Bryce didn’t cheat on Addison.

Bryce also mentioned in the podcast that he heard a lot of rumors circulating on the internet about Addison ‘hooking up’ with Logan Paul.

Addison Rae was Spotted with Logan Paul after breaking up with Bryce Hall.

Umm, now some of you might not know that a couple of weeks ago, Bryce Hall was spotted hanging out with Logan Paul’s ex-girlfriend Josie Canseco. Some major tea about Bryce and Josie was recently sent to Def Noodles in which it was mentioned that the Tiktoker has been hanging out with Logan’s ex-girlfriend since last month.

And when Bryce was confronted about this rumor in the BFF’s recent podcast, he cleared the air by replying:

“Me and Josie are good friends. We are just hanging out.. Vibing. We have been to like a couple of get-togethers.”

And when Bryce was asked if he was aware of Addison and Logan hanging out together.

“I don’t know. this is all I heard and I have seen sh*t like they were playing Volleyball on the beach. I don’t know what that was. She didn’t even tell me that. I found it out online.”

Until now, we thought Addison Rae hanging out with Logan Paul was merely a rumor. But Chris Distefano (YouTube Comedian) shared in his podcast “Chrissy Chaos episode: 8” that he played Volleyball with Logan Paul and Tiktok star Addison Rae.

Umm, well. I guess both Bryce and Addison are grown-ups. And they can hang out with whomever they want. So many people giving sh*t to Addison for hanging out with Logan need to stop. She is not trying to get back at Bryce for hanging out with Logan’s ex-girlfriend Josie. There is a possibility that she will be appearing on Impaulsive’s upcoming podcast real soon. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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