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Aaron Carter Is Stealing Art Again | Accused Of Pedophilia Too

Aaron Carter Stole Art From Jonas Jödicke

Aaron has his Instagram in private mode again. However, his Twitter is pretty much public. That is why all the internet users can see his tweets unless he deletes them or deactivate his Twitter handle again.

Two lions at war can reach an understanding. I have my lions den, you have yours.

And fans pointed out that they neither get refunds nor their orders. Aaron Carter sells one customized hoodie for $100.

Aaron Carter Refund issue

Jonas Jödicke, famous as JoJoes Arts, is a digital artist and he sells his work on Etsy. He is a 25-year-old artist from Berlin, with 259k followers on his Instagram handle and 2179 followers on Twitter. His original piece of these lions is available for purchase on Etsy.

Jojoes Art Etsy

Fans Reacting To The Stolen Art

As soon as Aaron Carter posted that tweet, the JoJoes Art fans were quick to connect the dots and they were not hesitant to highlight it as well.

Fans React

Some even used the chance to troll Aaron Carter.

Fan Call Out Aaron Carter

JoJoes Art Tweets Aaron Carter

JoJoes Art (Jonas Jödicke) tweeted Aaron Carter after he was contacted by many fans regarding his art being stolen by a Public Figure without Jonas’s permission.

JoJoes Art Tweet

Jonas Jödicke’s art has not been stolen by any artist for the first time. He has faced similar issues before and nothing can be ruder than that. But, Aaron Carter proved he can be ruder than our imagination and he responded to JoJoes Art as under:

Aaron Carter JoJoes Art Response

Y’all can see how JoJoes Art politely highlighted the issue but Aaron was quick to clap back using profanity as a weapon.

JoJoes Art was very disappointed to see this response by Aaron. He responded to Aaron Carter:

JoJoes Art Final Tweet

Jonas also shared a tweet thread on his profile.

JoJoes Art Twitter
JoJoes Art Twitter Thread

JoJoes Art also shared the Aaron Carter Drama on his Instagram stories as he has more followers there.

Aaron Carter Drama JoJoes Art
Aaron Carter Steals JoJoes Art

The internet is noticing and we wish Jonas Jödicke all the best. Artists do not just need credits and acknowledgments. They have rights, and their work should always be respected.

Reporter JoJoes Art On Aaron Carter's Behaviour

Aaron Carter & Pedophilia Accusations

Right after addressing, or rather, misbehaving with JoJoes Art, Aaron tweeted about all his latest accusations:

In response to Mel, Aaron blocked Mel after saying:

A Twitter handle was quick to share the receipts:

Aaron Carter Pedophilia Tweet

Someone pointed out that this does not prove anything and these images can be fake as well. Another Twitter user shared Aaron’s confession video clip, as a receipt:

Aaron admits to sending messages to the 15-year-old girl. However, the credibility of those images is still questioned.

Aaron Carter Being Rude To A Fan On Twitter

Yeah, not good.

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  1. I’m thinking about selling knockoffs of Aaron Carter’s probably already cheap ass hoodies but of course I’ll be keeping all of the money. I hope that he doesn’t mind me co-opting his infamy into my bank account. If he does I’d have to tell him “sorry for the ‘fuckery’ take me to court you douche.”

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