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Bhad Bhabie & Tana Mongeau OnlyF*ns Collaboration Teaser Throws Some Shade at the Creepy Perverts

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The famous rapper Bhad Bhabie aka Danielle Bregoli certainly broke the internet when she joined the O-lyF*ns platform on her 18th birthday. Reportedly, she made a million dollars within six hours of her launch! However, she is not done with surprising her fans with something bigger and better. There were some hints that she would collaborate with other popular influencers that are also on O-lyF*ns. We were guessing it would be Malu Trevejo and Tana Mongeau. It turns out Mongeau was Bhad Bhabie’s first choice for her official O-lyF*ns collaboration!

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Tana Mongeau makes Bhad Bhabie’s wish comes true?

Is it Bhad Bhabie’s wish or her fans? Tana Mongeau is certainly one of the most popular OF content creators. She was one of the few celebrities to join it when people were just starting to hear of O-lyF*ns.

Bhad Bhabie reveals the collab with Tana Mongeau with a rather hilarious teaser.

Bhad Bhabie teaser for the OF collaboration with Tana Mongeau

Furthermore, Bhad Bhabie aka Danielle Bregoli captions the post with:

my bich @tanamongeau is an actual f*ckin genie 🧞‍♀️ IG and Youtube wouldn’t let me post the whole thing, OF to see the rest 🤫 LINK IN BIO

So, Tana is the genie that is granting Danielle wishes. Before doing that, genie Tana has given her friends some recreational drugs perhaps or simply some LSD? It’s unclear at this point but whatever it is, it’s helping us have a look inside the interesting mind of Bhad Bhabie. There appears to be a creepy old pervert guy who’s talking about how she finally turned 18 and then commenting on her chest,

“Your t*tties look real good”

Danielle Bregoli is not happy with that so she envisions herself as the sun so that all her haters or ‘b*tches’ are now beneath her. A power move by the rapper.

However, Bhad Bhabie still wishes for her t*tties to get swollen because she wants everyone to not focus on her body but rather on her musical talents and her as Danielle. She definitely has a very successful music career with multiple Platinum and Gold-certified records. And she doesn’t want creepy men to s*xualise her or have it be the only aspect of her personality. So, she asks Tana Mongeau to make her chest swollen so that might change.

Though, in another clip, we find that that wish might not easily be granted.


Tana Mongeau informs her that she can’t ‘undo’ a wish. When Bhad Bhabie asks who would wish for her chest to not get swollen, Mongeau replies saying:

“A lot of people!”

Meanwhile, Tana Mongeau also tweeted about the OF collaboration:


Those that are interested in seeing what the rest of the OF looks like can subscribe to Bhad Bhabie’s O-lyF*ns page. The subscription is currently at $23.99 per month.

Mongeau and Bhad Bhabi both have been subject to predatory eyes at a young age

Danielle Bregoli joining the OF platform also opened up the debate of whether the minimum age of joining O-lyF*ns should be changed from 18 to 21. This is because there were many people asking for Bhad Bhabie to make an O-lyF*ns while she was still underage, which shows an alarming fact that there are many online predators s*xualising underage girls. This is something that Bhad Bhabie threw some shade at during the Tana Mongeau OF collab teaser. Even though Bhad Bhabie said there would not be too much n*dity, it’s still shocking.

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Tana Mongeau is a big supporter of women and has recently called out all the old men who exploited her for their own gain. Mongeau talked about how old men tried to have s*xual relations with her or date her when she was underage and much younger than them. Though she has not named them, it appears that she was talking about how Shane Dawson put her inappropriate situations and how Jason Nash forcibly kissed her on a “fake date” when she was about 20.

Both these women gained fame and popularity at very young ages. Mongeau from her YouTube and influencer career. And Bhad Bhabie from when she appeared on Dr. Phil and became viral on the internet as she became a literal meme. This is something that Danielle Bregoli has talked about in-depth and she’s spoken on how Dr. Phil exploited her for his own gain. Furthermore, she’s joined the Breaking Code Silence movement because she was sent to an abusive teen correction facility known as the Turn-About Ranch. The Ranch has reported cases of serious abuse and exploitation.

Could Tana Mongeau also have shaded Bella Thorne by making and OF with Bhad Bhabie?

This is probably not the case because when Tana Mongeau shades her ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne, she does not hide it. But fans might think she’s subtly trying to shade Bella Thorne after she was making O-lyF*ns with Malu Trevejo. Tana previously made an OF with Harry Jowsey to shade their mutual ex Francesca Farago.

Malu Trevejo is also a musician and TikTok star that has a similar story to Bhad Bhabie’s OF launch. Trevejo also joined the OF platform after turning 18. She waited about a week after her 18th birthday. When she joined the OF platform, people started to flood her comments by sharing that they wanted Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie to join the platform too. Though, Bregoli was underage at the time.

And currently, Bella Thorne and Malu Trevejo are well, hanging out.

This Instagram post was today, the same day as the Tana and Bhad Bhabie OF collaboration. Though, Malu and Bella have also collaborated on the OF platform.

There is definitely some beef and drama between Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne as things after their breakup got really messy. And people like to make new beef between Malu and Bhad Bhabie even though there is no evidence of that as of yet.

What do you think about the Tana Mongeau and Bhad Bhabie collaboration?

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