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Trisha Paytas Reveals Shocking OnlyF*ns Fact as she shares update on it

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Trisha Paytas OnlyF*ns has been something that has garnered quite a bit of popularity. Recently, her OnlyF*ns has become the topic of controversy due to the fact that she did a collaboration with her sister. Another controversial incident occurred when Trisha Paytas did an OnlyF*ns video with a pregnant Lena. They performed a threesome video and Trisha was under fire for calling it a ‘foursome’.

Trisha Paytas Reveals she makes 1 Million a month

The OnlyF*ns content creator shared some astounding facts when she came on Ryland Adams’s podcast ‘The Sip’.

Paytas reveals that the most she’s earned from OnlyF*ns in a month is a million dollars.

Yes! That’s indeed what she earns. She further explained how she managed to make such big figures in one month. She did a collab or a scene as she puts it, with a man. And then she did one with a woman in the same month which increased her income by a lot. Then another month, she also earned about a million where she did a ‘threesome’.

But Trisha Paytas updated everyone on a major change in her OnlyF*ns

Trisha Paytas revealed that she’s sort of retired now. That she won’t be doing ‘scenes’ with people on her OF anymore.

What can fans expect from Trisha Paytas’s OF then?

Mostly content about her doing things to her self. One of the things is self-pleasure aka mast*rbation.

One of the main topics Ryland and Lizzie were especially fascinated by was her ‘squ*rting’ videos. Trisha Paytas really enjoys making them so she’ll be making more content like that on OF.

Moreover, she also wanted her current boyfriend Moses to appear with her on OnlyF*ns. But Moses isn’t into any of that.

Trisha Paytas is just proud to have had a career in the adult industry and to have had a successful OnlyF*ns career.

How her OnlyF*ns career leads to a lot of judgment by others

Trisha also thinks that people judge her a lot because of her OnlyF*ns career and the fact that she used to be a p*rnstar and hooker.

She also thinks that’s the main reason why her boyfriend’s friends do not like her. Even though she hasn’t met Moses’ friends yet.

As per Trisha Paytas:

People don’t like you because you do OnlyF*ns and they judge.

And when asked if she regrets doing things in the adult industry, Trisha replied saying that people already know about her past career as a hooker and adult star. So, it doesn’t really affect anything.

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