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Gabbie Hanna accused of blackfishing in latest photoshoot

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Gabbie Hanna, the famous YouTuber and singer, is back from her social media break. Back in June, Gabbie deactivated all of her accounts excluding her YouTube, when beauty drama was breaking the internet. Seeing all the backlash, Gabbie removed her previous videos with Shane Dawson. She deactivated her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Meanwhile, she only focused on her Patreon accounts and Patrons. After a break of almost 2 months, she returned to her social media handles yesterday. Apart from a 46 minutes video explaining why she took a break, Gabbie Hanna also shared a collection of pictures from her latest photoshoot. And some of the people on the internet were quick to call her out on “blackfishing”.

Gabbie Hanna was blackfishing?

Blackfishing is a term used to describe people on the internet that use makeup or similar products to appear black or darker as compared to their original skin tone. Many celebrities have been accused of blackfishing. And seems like Gabbie Hanna is the latest addition in the list.

Gabbie Hanna has deleted, or probably hidden, all of her posts from Instagram. She has also deleted the latest YouTube video promotional post she made after reactivating her Instagram account. However, she did not keep her IG posts empty. Gabbie uploaded a collection of images from her latest shoot, after she went through a makeover for her return. She has platinum blonde hair now, a sleek haircut, and a tanner body.


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guess who’s back, back again? (explaining everything from abusive friends, the shadowban, death threats & more in my video. link in bio. please watch it all if you can.)

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She also shared the same images on her Twitter account. And that’s when the backlash began.

Twitter reacts

Following the images shared by Gabbie Hanna, many people pointed out the shade of her skin tone. While some called her out straight for blackfishing, others were quick to justify her appearance based on her Lebanese descent.


Some wanted her gone again for blackfishing.

Gabbie Hanna’s fans and haters are arguing over her skin tone, skin shade and the blackfishing accusations.

Here is a screenshot from Gabbie’s latest “Unfollow your dreams” podcast, that was uploaded a week ago.

Gabbie Hanna

Do you guys think Gabbie Hanna is blackfishing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Julia says

    Sorry but “white” and middle eastern people can tan very much and its not blackfishing

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