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Tana Mongeau talks about getting another piercing

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A couple of months ago, Tana Mongeau was considering to join OnlyFans for her true fans. And now as she is on it, maybe Jake Paul will also consider joining it soon.

It feels so good to see Tana in a good and healthy mental state. We all know the aftermath of a bad breakup and especially when you end things on a bad note. Hot OnlyFans star also talked about her darkest days on social media. But now she is in a much better state and considering to get a new piercing for her OnlyFans.

Tana Mongeau talks about getting a new n*pple piercing with photographer Kevin Wong

While Tana Mongeau was out and about with her friends, she was caught up in a quick discussion with Kevin Wong. Now for all those people who don’t know about Kevin, you need to check out his Instagram for all the exclusive pictures of celebrities.

So Tana just posted a picture on her Instagram story and asked fans in a poll:

“Should I pierce my other n*pple for tana uncensored”

Tana wants another piercing

And 76% fans voted with a YES and 24% with a no. Let’s see what Tana said when Kevin asked her about this Instagram story while she was out and about.

“Oh no, to be honest with you I am just waiting on piercing my left n*pple. And I am not really sure if I should or not. The right one is pierced. But it’s like do I want to be quirky. Help me decide.”

We don’t really know what is Tana uncensored, so when Kevin asked her about it she replied:

“Honestly it’s a very fancy word for OnlyFans. Go buy my t*ts.”

So now you know what is Tana uncensored. All the exclusive content is on Tana’s OnlyFans. One of Tana’s close friends Ashly Schwan has also joined OnlyFans. So best friends who stay together can do some naughty stuff together. (hehe)

A while ago Tana Mongeau was forced to follow the Instagram community guidelines to hide her n*pple piercings. Which is one of the reasons why all the exclusive stuff will be posted on Tana uncensored’ OnlyFans.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tana’s OnlyFans. And if you guys would like to see Jake Paul in one of her posts on OnlyFans. These two have finally settled down to be BFFs and be there for each other no matter what.

Tana was there when Jake Paul was getting new tattoos. So Tana might get her other n*pple pierced in his presence.

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