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Tana Mongeau gets Kylie Jenner Butt Shots for bigger booty

I cannot look at the injections the same way again!

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In her latest vlog that was shot ages ago, Tana Mongeau could not help herself but throw shade at the Paul Brothers. This vlog was apparently recorded the same day she was “caught” in bed with Logan Paul. It was obviously a joke from the days they were planning to tease Jake Paul after his tear-free divorce. Paparazzi got fooled as a brilliant bi-product. Anyways, back to the Logan-Paul-in-Tana’s-bed day. After he left, Tana announced that she was going to get Kylie Jenner’s butt shots. She was in a mood for a bigger booty like Kylie, and the procedure is icky.

Tana Mongeau gets Kylie Jenner big-booty Butt Shots

It’s not as easy as getting yourself high on the actual shots. Joined by her friends who love to see her in pain while going through beauty procedures, Tana Mongeau enters 7QSPA Laser & Aesthetics Center. The girls enjoy champagne before Tana is taken to the procedure room.

The title includes Kylie Jenner because as per Tana’s vlog, Kylie Jenner was supposed to come to the spa the same day. And no, Kylie didn’t tell her that. Someone from the spa told Tana, and Tana got confused on the “day”. But she still said she was going to use her name in the video title. Tana even tried asking the lady what Kylie is getting. We’ll never know it because the answer was edited.

Before the procedure starts, they take “before” pictures of Tana’s butt. Then stress balls are placed in her hands to help her with the pain.

Fun facts

The procedure takes 4-6 weeks to show results. It’s not an instant one. Moreover, Tana Mongeau shared from her experience that the left side hurts more because of the heart position.

Tana is not bad at maths. Because her friends used maths puzzles to distract her when the procedure got more painful. After she is done with butt injections, Tana tries emsculpt on her stomach that eliminates fat cells and tightens muscles. In simple words, easy abs. And Kim Kardashian does that. Throughout the emscuplting process, Tana couldn’t stop yelling Kim’s name.

It worked?

Ok, so Tana Mongeau cannot tell whether the injections and emscuplting have actually worked. She said the skin got bruises and itchy. But it got better later. However, appearance-wise she cannot tell whether it was the procedure or her squats that got the booty in shape. You can see the vlog and let her know if you find any difference before and after the procedure.

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