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Jemima Goldsmith says Economic Recession Will Kill More Than Coronavirus

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Politician, journalist, and British-Pakistani Film and TV producer Jemima Goldsmith is actively campaigning for sustainable lockdown measures across the UK.  While celebrities consume themselves in asking people to stay home, Goldsmith is pushing governments to come up with a realistic plan to combat the inevitable economic crisis of a post-pandemic world. Jemima had earlier called out the UK government for its lack of frequent testing. Now, she has taken upon the initiative to democratize social distancing without economic penalties. The creative brain behind HBO’S acclaimed documentary ‘The Case Against Adnan Syed’, Jemima Goldsmith. has quoted economists’ theories to rationalize the impact of corona-related recession before the public.

Jemima Goldsmith Fears That Economic Recession Will Be More Tragic Than The COVID-19 Outbreak

According to Goldsmith, the continuation of lockdown measures will cause Britian’s GDP to plunge by a whopping 6.4%. Consequently, the underlying credit crunch will kill more than the pandemic itself. Quoting a financial article by Tom Whipple, Goldsmith expressed that she was worried over the idea of creating a bigger problem to solve an existing one.

At the same time; however, drawing guidance from Eco-socialist Julia Steinberger, Goldsmith also expressed that a transition towards a green economy and robust social policies can undo the COVID-19 damages.  Quarantine economic recession

Jemima Goldsmith Criticizes The UK Government Over Insufficient Testing

How policy revision impacts a damaged global economy, nevertheless remains a debate for the future. Right now, Julia Goldsmith believes that the government should prioritize testing in order to restart the economy.

Goldsmith has explicitly called out the government for inadequate and slow testing. Quoting testing numbers from Germany, Goldsmith exclaimed that there needs to be 20 times the current number of tests in the UK to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Calling Out Turkmenistan For COVID-19 Opacity

The Turkmenistan government has reportedly banned even the use of the word ‘coronavirus; in its territory. In fact, there are legal repercussions in place for anyone who walks around in a surgical mask. While Turkmenistan currently stands at 0 COVID-19 cases, the details are largely untrue as it strategically neighbors Iran a coronavirus hotspot. Jemima Goldsmith has lashed out at the Turkmenistan government for its barbaric diplomacy in desperate times. Additionally, while she was at it she made sure to take a jibe a Donald Trump in her tweet.

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