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Mikaela Spielberg arrested on domestic violence suspicion

The arrest comes a week after she entered the adult entertainment industry

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It seems as if Spielbergs just can’t fall off the gird. Last week, Steven Spielberg’s adopted daughter Mikaela announced that she would be entering the adult entertainment industry. Her announcement had mixed reactions all across the board. And now she has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

Mikaela Spielberg arrested on domestic violence suspicion

Mikaela Spielberg’s arrest:

Mikaela Spielberg (23) was booked into a detention center in Nashville, early Saturday morning. Following the arrest, Mikaela was held for a 12-hour mandatory hold. Afterwards, she was released after someone anonymously posted her $1000 bail. The couple did not reveal where and when the incident occurred.

Mikaela Spielberg and Colin Pankow - Domestic Violence Arrest

Her fiance, Chuck Pankow (47) says it is a ‘misunderstanding’ and she’s not hurt. However, officers said Spielberg and Pankow were involved in an argument after returning from a bar. After the victim made a “rude comment” toward Spielberg, she started throwing objects at him, injuring his hand and wrist. Pankow is a professional dart player.

Steven Spielberg’s reaction:

The renowned director has yet to comment on her adopted daughter’s actions. Last week,  Mikaela publicly announced her decision to act as an adult star, which had some mixed reactions. According to her, she ‘FaceTimed’ her parents and broke the news to enter the industry. She spoke about her choice to work as an ‘erotic dancer.’ Her parents supported her and were ‘intrigued’.

However, a close friend of the Spielbergs says the couple is embarrassed by their daughter’s decision to enter the world of adult films.

Outwardly, Steven and Kate – who are the most evolved parents in the world and love their kids beyond all measure – have always been supportive of Mikaela and try to understand her.

Over the past few years, Mikaela has struggled with anorexia, personality disorder, and alcohol addiction. All of which, she believes, is a result of childhood sexual abuse. She says the profession has made her more confident and empowered.

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