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James Charles Is Not Shading Trans Military Ban

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The world is getting ‘woke’ and transphobia is not acceptable anymore, not even as a joke. MUA and YouTuber James Charles found himself in a sticky situation when he mistakenly wrote a caption that seemingly hinted at the trans military ban.

James Charles posts photos with ‘funny’ caption

The situation arose when Charles posted a series of his feminine photos on his Twitter. Wearing girly attires,  different styles of wigs, and completely looking like a woman, James wrote the caption:

me when the government comes knocking on my door for the draft

A draft is basically when all male US citizens and immigrants have to sign themselves with the selective services. This is a compulsory registration in the US, when you turn 18 years of age.

This tweet seemed to hint at Trump’s trans military ban. This ban is infamous for curbing LGBT rights as it bans transgender troops from openly serving the army.

James tweet seemed to hint at the ban itself. And the internet reacted.



James wasn’t shading the trans-military ban

The outrage grew to a point that our favourite sister had to clarify the issue. James Charles then posted a secondary tweet.

He wants everyone to know that in no way is he ‘shading’ the trans-military ban. James also stated that he does not support the ban at all.

Explaining the ‘light-hearted’ personal joke, he said he had to register for a draft like every other boy, when he turned 18.

He tweeted:

However, many people believe that the tweet was transphobic. James Charles is in the hot waters. After all, a statement deemed by the internet as problematic can get you in trouble- fast.

A fan of James dropped in to clarify the joke and explain how it has nothing to do with being transgender or the trans military ban.


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