Sherlock Holmes 3 Movie Setting Has Been Decided?

Sherlock Holmes 3 Movie Setting Has Been Decided?

We are getting constant updates and we keep reporting as we promised! This time there is a talk about movie setting that is chosen for Sherlock Holmes 3. With the release date scheduled for December 2021, is this the final setting or will there be an update? One thing we know for sure is that Robert Downey Jr is definitely returning.

Sherlock Holmes 3 Movie Plot Setting

Apart from Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr is well known for his role in Sherlock Holmes, a witty British detective. The movie series began in 2009, with “A Game of Shadows” coming out in 2011. Since then, there hasn’t been any news about Sherlock Holmes 3, and it is going to be a full decade now. Fortunately, we are getting some rumored reports in bits and pieces and that is all we have for now till official reports come.

The Sherlock Holmes 3 movie is going to have an American wild west setting apparently. Express UK reports that this news comes from an unnamed source. The specific location will be the United States, San Francisco, California.  However, since there is not much to support this claim, this all we have for now.

Some may think that that the production house is trying to jump the shark with this one. However, writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has had a fascination with American settings, so this time we might see a change of locations. Directed by Dexter Fletcher, the movie Sherlock Holmes 3 is going to have a setting anywhere between 1880 and 1914.

Roberty Downey Jr finished working on his Avengers series, and after completing his contract with Marvel, he is open for discussion. Jude Law is also joining as Dr. John Watson, and so is Jared Harris as Professor Moriarty. One thing which we know for sure is that the movie is definitely coming out in 2021.

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