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Jake Paul Dedicates Song To Alissa Violet | Tana Mongeau Takes Internet Break

And it's all happening amidst Alissa Violet-FaZe Banks Scandal

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The internet got confused a couple of days backs when Alissa Violet posted a mini-rant, exposing her ex-boyfriend FaZe Banks. In response, Banks accepted his mistakes and confirmed he is still in love with Alissa. However, their love was toxic so they couldn’t stay together for long. Banks also confirmed that there are always two sides to the story, and Alissa only shared what Banks did wrong in their relationship. While Banks is putting a no-tea-here sign on the scandal by not spilling any tea, Alissa Violet’s ex-boyfriend Jake Paul jumps on the bandwagon to tease his upcoming song. Surprisingly, it’s a song dedicated to his ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet. The song is called “these days”. Nice, the internet is confused again if it has anything to do with Tana Mongeau’s recent break from the internet.

Jake Paul’s Teasers For His Upcoming Song These Days

Jake Paul has not released many songs for quite some time. That’s why the fans got excited when he teased them with the song poster a few days back.

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100,000 comments and i’ll drop it

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The guy in the poster is Jake Paul himself, of course. However, the girl did not look like his wife Tana Mongeau. The teaser also confirms it is going to be an explicit content, so beware of the adult stuff hitting your eardrums on December 13, 2019. Some fans even started posting #JanaForever in the comments section.

Well, they really were not expecting what happened next. Jake Paul confirmed the release date of the song, along with a throwback & intimate picture with Alissa Violet. She is even tagged on the picture, though she has not shared any comments yet. The caption reads: “what I never got to say… “These Days” December 13th🤐🎶”.


And the fans & followers & family & friends are wondering WTF is happening?

Jake Paul Alissa Violet Tana Mongeau

We can see even Logan Paul and Bella Thorne are shook.

Jake Paul Tana Mongeau Alissa Violet

Alissa Violet Jake Paul Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau & Alissa Violet

Before announcing a break from the internet, Tana shared some pictures from Ksi Vs. Logan Paul fight yesterday. And the very first pic is of Tana Mongeau & Alissa Violet, looking somewhere with open-mouthed expressions. Tana even captioned the post as:

the first pic is me on twitter last night 😯☕️ convenient i got back film from the fight yesterday lol..

And this caption is referencing to the Alissa-Banks Scandal hitting the Twitter fans. If you are wondering whether these girls are besties now, look at their comments. It does seem like both of them never had a beef. Fans believed Alissa Violet broke up with FaZe Banks because he confessed he hooked up with Tana a few years back.

Tana Mongeau Alissa Violet

Tana Mongeau Takes A Break From The Internet

Even though Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau’s Instagram stories before the announcements were revolving around the Alissa Violet-FaZe Banks scandal, the break from the internet is another shock. As per Tana’s Instagram stories (which are no longer available on Instagram), Jake Paul tried reading FaZe Banks’s statement for Alissa Violet, and he ended up laughing just after reading the first line. On the other hand, Jake Paul shared an Instagram story where Tana can be seen using her phone while Jake Paul confirms she is forcing him into the (Alissa Violet) drama.

Jake Paul Instagram



Well, she literally took a break from the internet. And we as well as the majority of the fans agree that it is a good decision.

… i don’t want to act like i’m happy when i’m not to maintain an image that isn’t true.. i’d rather clear my head for a sec so that you guys always know when i’m smiling that it isn’t fake… i encourage you to do the same.

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i think i’m gonna take a few day break from socials. for my brain. maybe i’ll be on IG live tmrw with my tits out and fine. who knows. ALL LOVE to everyone in my life & zero shade to ANYONE. i just wanna take a little time to tell the people i love that i love them. and not care about comments or tweets or people’s opinion of me for the first time in six years.. i wanna have a conversation with someone without thinking about the internet for five minutes. i don’t wanna fill my heart with doubt posting things that i know aren’t authentic to the way i feel. knowing the people who are real fans of me would see right through that facade and hating myself for becoming what i never wanted to. authenticity has and always will be the most important thing to me and i think i hate myself most in moments that i stray from that. i don’t want to act like i’m happy when i’m not to maintain an image that isn’t true.. i’d rather clear my head for a sec so that you guys always know when i’m smiling that it isn’t fake… i encourage you to do the same. it’s so easy to get caught up in the highlight reel. victimizing myself in any situation is not the route i want to take, i guess i just wanna be authentically happy and myself or nothing else.. idk. just know that this is just something i wanna do for me & not at the fault of anyone else. i wanna advocate for authenticity and mental health awareness. i wanna advocate for being honest about my emotions. i wanna grow. so ima do me for a few days, i encourage you to do the same if you’re ever feeling down or succumbing to the pressure of the highlight reel. love u hookers i’m gonna go look at the sky or some shit what do people do other than instagram???

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Mental health should always come first. It’s a good decision since Tana Mongeau was suffering from insomnia as well.

There are some fans who are blaming Jake Paul for affecting Tana Mongeau’s life. However, Jake Paul might also be leaving YouTube.

Jake Paul Support


Since the song is not out yet, we cannot comment on what Jake Paul is planning to say about his break up with Alissa Violet. We’ll find out when ‘These Days’ drops on December 13, 2019. Meanwhile, we hope Tana Mongeau finds the inner peace and she gets back to her social media soon, as fans are already missing her. She’s also nominated for Creator of the Year at the Streamys awards. If you’re a Tana stan, vote for her.

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