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52-year old Elizabeth Hurley surprises Instagram with her latest bikini pics

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Popular British actress, model, and designer, Elizabeth Hurley has created a huge buzz on social media with her latest Instagram post that flaunts her fit as ever body. Repeatedly in the past few years, Elizabeth Hurley has shown the world that she is still in an exceptional shape physically, but these latest bikini pictures on the beach, shared from Elizabeth Hurley’s Instagram have completely blown the minds of Hurley fans.

Elizabeth Hurley’s Instagram following has grown greatly over time, and fair enough, who does not want to follow a hot model that frequently shares her revealing pictures?

All of Elizabeth Hurley’s bikini pictures have always done justice to her fit body, but this week she posted a picture wearing a black print bikini while lounging in the beach sand, and man, the Instagram world has gone crazy over Elizabeth Hurley’s Instagram posts! Elizabeth Hurley’s latest bikini picture has hit a 50, 000+ likes in just one day, and unlimited praise from her fans who just can not stop commenting how fine Hurley looks even after decades of being in the spotlight!

Elizabeth Hurley’s this week’s latest bikini picture went so viral that even media has immediately started talking about it. The UK’s Express also mentioned Hurley, complimenting her for still having such a ‘phenomenal physique‘ and a toned midriff that all females envy without a doubt.

And breathe in 😉 @elizabethhurleybeach #jessicabikini #elizabethhurleybeach

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Having such a body at the age of 52 must definitely not be an easy task for Elizabeth Hurley.  Well, most of us look like clumsy potatoes before we even hit our thirties!  Elizabeth Hurley must put in some real efforts to look like the goddess she does! During an interview with The Cut  last year, Hurley discussed her fitness secrets that make her look better than the lot of us even in her fifties. Elizabeth Hurley narrated that despite not having a very specific workout schedule, she stays very active throughout. Elizabeth Hurley explained that her overly busy schedule does not limit her from staying active physically; she walks her dogs herself and goes through her Pilates practice regularly.

Looking fit at such an age is definitely not an easy game, and Elizabeth Hurley sure has to make some major compromises for it. Elizabeth Hurley shared that she has sacrificed her comforts to look as young as she does till today. Unlike any other woman coming from Basingstoke in England, Elizabeth Hurley has switched her morning coffee or tea with an alternative that none of us would EVER! Yes, while we have been constantly building up our caffeine intakes, Hurley has been taking hot cups of water with apple cider vinegar in it to stay fit.

Even the star finds it extremely difficult to take this distasteful morning drink, and Elizabeth Hurley exclaims that,

It tastes disgusting. I can’t face it every day, so I’ll put it in my hot water maybe every other day. It’s good for your metabolism.

Other than this, the model Elizabeth Hurley has also appreciated her good luck for helping her achieve these incredible levels of fitness. In her interview, Hurley also informed The Cut that her easy access to top level beauty products has always assisted her in being away from evils that could age her.

Elizabeth Hurley Insta 1
Source: Elizabeth Hurley Instagram

Elizabeth Hurley also said that people have been constantly inquiring from her what she does to stay this young. When giving her views on what women can do to stay as fit as Hurley, Elizabeth Hurley shared a couple of things regarding skin, health, diet and temperament. Hurley says that looking after skin is very important to maintain your good looks. Elizabeth Hurley also expressed her gratitude of working with reputable skin care companies that help her achieve her beauty goals. Elizabeth Hurley expresses that,

I feel very blessed because I’ve worked with the Estée Lauder companies for 22 years, so I have great products.

Elizabeth Hurley further says that she is extremely concerned about her health and her diet, and these two play an immense role behind Hurley’s looks and figure. Elizabeth Hurley has also restricted herself from consuming too much alcohol or smoking regularly because certainly, for her looks are more important than addictions. Hurley has also advised women to stay calm, positive and engaged whenever they get rough patches in life since according to Elizabeth Hurley, anger and wellness do not fit together very well.

Elizabeth Hurley’s fitness secrets are working very well for her, and the world can witness it by following her Instagram account which is loaded with skimpy photos of Elizabeth Hurley in her favorite bikinis.

Hurley has more of a reason to stay fit than everyone else even though she is no longer in business when it comes to the film industry. Previously Elizabeth Hurley was simply an actress with her Hollywood debut in the film “Passenger 57“, but Hurley’s popularity graph shot upwards right after it. Elizabeth Hurley’s relationship with Hugh Grant, and Hurley’s selection as a model for the top notch cosmetic house Estée Lauder Companies, just favored her growing fan following.

The 52-year old Elizabeth Hurley has launched her own brand of swimwear as “Elizabeth Hurley Beach” for which Hurley has been advertising herself. For this purpose, Elizabeth Hurley has published numerous sexy pictures of herself exhibiting her alluring bikini collections and her own remarkable body, winning over the hearts of her countless fans.

Elizabeth Hurley Insta 2
Source: Elizabeth Hurley Instagram
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