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6 Weird Foods of The Future

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We always wonder how stuff will change in the future such as cars, buildings, the voices in our head. But have we ever thought about our food. The world’s population is growing too much and there’s just not enough food left for us. We might have to add some unusual items to our menus.So, here are weird foods of the future!!

1 Bugs

Source: Flickr

I feel squeamish as I type this down, but studies say that in the future, we might have to eat some bugs as snacks. They are sources of protein and are also environment-friendly. It sounds disgusting but I think we just need to add a lot of whipped cream on the dish and it’d be somewhat edible.

2 Seaweed

Source: Books for better living

Over-farming of vegetables has led to a problem of fewer greens in the future (proof that vegetarians are useless). So to tackle that problem farmers have found a new substitute: seaweed. Fortunately, it doesn’t look that different from regular greens.

3 Synthetic Meat

Synthetic Meat
Source: Slate

Yes just like greens, meat also has a substitute. Fake meat made in the lab that’s trying too hard to be real. It may not be as delicious, but since we have no control over our diet and consume any animal as long as it’s soaked in good flavors, this is inevitable. It’s efficient too since there’s no large space needed, just a lab.

4 Algae

Source: Genetic Literary Project

It almost became an ingredient in our salads, but due to it also being harmful it was taken out. It doesn’t change the fact that algae are a source of all kinds of useful nutrients. So in the future, we may get a safer re-introduction to this quickly micro plant.

5 3-D Printed Food

3-D Printed Food
Source: Business Insider

For all the lazy foodies out there, you’d be glad to know that in the future we can get our food printed to us by a click of a button. Soon we might not even need to cook, that’s great news for all of the people like me who can’t even boil an egg.

6 Better Alcohol

Better Alcohol

Currently, this ‘beverage’ has many nasty side effects to it such as ranging from hangovers and calling your ex at 2 am to serious health problems. But the chances are that in the future we might be able to get a taste of a different kind of alcohol. One, without any of these adverse effects. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

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