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10 Hilarious Tweets Every Parent Can Relate To

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Sometimes kids can be the cutest and precious things in the world, and at others, they can be the little spawn of the devil. They get too much for parents, and the only solution for them is to vent out their feelings through tweets.

Here are 10 hilarious tweets every tired parent can relate to!

1 Keep your kids away from granola bars

Anything and everything can become a weapon for them.

2 Addiction to coffee

No parent can survive without coffee. Those who don’t drink it are lying.

3 Kids can get too philosophical

We didn’t really think it through, did we?

4 No filter world

Parenting leads to immunity to embarrassing moments like these.

5 Honest creatures

Well we want our kids to be honest.

6 Ruining Sexy Time

Happens to the best of us.

7 Parenting is tough

Ruining your dreams of a prodigy child.

8 Sleep cycle changes completely

Maybe some sleeping pills will help.

9 Weird ways to bond

Communication is key.

10 It’s hard to please them

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