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Trisha Paytas has just given a bizarre s*x ed talk

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While there is no denying that Trisha Paytas does a lot of weird things, they still seem to come up with new weird things. Recently, they made a bizarre video, explaining the basics of s*x education. During the video, Paytas and their fiance, Moses Hacmon play a couple of vampires. The video highlights how an alcoholic father can damage his children. At the same time, Paytas gives us a lecture on how to protect ourselves from unwanted pregnancy. All in all, it might be their weirdest video to date.

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After the Frenemies end, Trisha Paytas had to face a lot of backlash.

Although Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas went along fine, they had to end their podcast after an ownership dispute. Since then, the two have been in an ongoing war. A few months ago, Paytas had to face major backlash when Klein came forward with some serious accusations. According to him, they have been lying about a SA incident in their high school. Paytas came forward with a TikTok video to name and shame the said teacher who harassed them. According to Klein, there is no evidence or police report of this incident. After that, people accused Paytas of putting the family of the teacher in danger. At the same time, Trisha Paytas faced a lot of criticism.

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Recently, Paytas made a weird video about s*x education

Trisha Paytas Has Just Given A Bizarre S*X Ed Talk

In the video, Paytas and their fiancé, play a couple of vampires. While Trisha Paytas and her baby (a dog supposed to be a wolf puppy) wait for the dad, Jake, played by Moses Hacmon. Apparently, Jake is on the run from the police and is an alcoholic. After that, Trisha Paytas reveals to him that they are pregnant with another baby. However, Jake makes it clear that he cannot support them as he is jobless because of his anger issues. Then, he starts to howl. Later, Jake admits that he has a problem and must deal with it.

In the end, Trisha Paytas talks to the camera and says:

Thank you for watching this Halloween special on Trisha Talks. We like to have a little fun here and there but the subject material is no joking matter. Age isn’t just a number, its time to grow up. Pay that child support and remember that you can get pregnant at any age. So use protection, if you’re not expecting a child. Also, if you get someone pregnant, don’t leave them. Do the responsible thing. Finally, child support is a law for a reason. Pay it or pay the price. If you or a loved one is struggling, with any kind of addiction, alcohol or other, please get help. Alcohol kills.

After watching the entire video, I still have no idea what exactly Trisha Paytas was trying to say. Do watch it and let us know what you think in the comment section.

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