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What is Chris Miles going to do with his Tana Mongeau tattoo now?

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Uhh well!! I don’t know about you guys but I am literally devastated by hearing Tana Mongeau and Chris Miles’ split-up news. Though Tana made it difficult for her fans to find out who she was actually dating. As she acts like a flirty berry all the time and never shies away from kissing her best friends. But then she made a Twitter announcement on the 7th of July that she has a boyfriend. The social media influencer further confessed her love to the rapper and said, “I LOVE YOU 4 ETERNITY“. Oh well!! I am glad Tana didn’t write I LOVE YOU FOR INFINITY because she broke up with Chris four days after confessing her love for him in a Twitter post.

For almost three months, we witnessed billions of breakups and patch-ups between the couple. But the reason for their last breakup was a bit different from the rest. As per the Cancelled podcast host, rapper Chris Miles cheated on her. As per the rapper, he and Tana were too toxic for each other. And according to Tana’s friends, Chris is broke. So the reason for their breakup is a little confusing. Tana also posted multiple tweets about Chris when they were together. And it kind of showed the possessive side of her personality. I guess it’s safe to say that both Tana and Chris have similar type of insecurities.

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Is Chris Miles Going To get His ‘Tana’ Tattoo Removed?

While everybody is talking about how the breakup is affecting both Tana and Chris. No one is actually talking about the tattoo which Chris got on his arm. Yes, guys, Tana’s first name initials are tattooed on Chris’s right arm right above the gun tattoo.

A lot of fans are asking Chris on social media if he is going to get the ‘TANA’ tattoo removed or not. Well!! To be honest, I was also a little concerned about the whole tattoo and breakup thing too. But then Chris posted a video with Tana from the Halloween Warehouse party.

Chris: besties xoxo

Tana: ya he does thats why we broke up

Now we really don’t know if we will be seeing these two doing the dirty stuff or not. But I guess they are going to remain good friends/besties. Let us know what do you guys think about Tana and Chris’ relationship/friendship.

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