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Tana Mongeau accuses Chris Miles of cheating on her

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It would not be wrong to say that there is no dull moment with Tana Mongeau. Similarly, her relationship with Chris Miles is a roller coaster ride in itself. In July, the Cancelled podcast host started dating the rapper. Since then, the couple has gone through several breakups and patch-ups. Recently, she accused her boyfriend of cheating. At the same time, the YouTuber posted about it on all of her social media accounts. However, Miles posted a cryptic post suggesting the opposite only a few hours later. Needless to say, no one knows what exactly is going on.

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Previously, Tana Mongeau shocked her fans when she married Jake Paul

In 2018, she began dating Jake Paul. Initially, their relationship started as a joke where they were a couple but not really. However, things started getting serious quickly. Both of them appeared in several videos for each other’s channels. At the same time, Tana Mongeau claimed that Paul was the love of her life. On her 21st birthday, Paul proposed to her. A few months later, the couple got married in a chapel in Vegas. However, Mongeau claimed that things started to go downhill from their wedding night. In January 2019, they called it quits and broke up.

After that whirlwind relationship, she started dating Chris Miles

Tana Mongeau Accuses Chris Miles Of Cheating On Her

In July, Tana Mongeau posted on Twitter that she has a new boyfriend. At the same time, she claimed to love Chris Miles for eternity. Interestingly, only 72 hours later she claimed that she got dumped. However, the very next minute, she posted a picture of her and Miles in bed. When a follower asked her about the fake relationship, Tana Mongeau replied:

“Lmao babe this isn’t a clout grab, we’re just toxic smh.”

Last month, she broke up with Chris Miles once again but got back together shortly.

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Yesterday, Tana Mongeau went on a rant about Miles cheating on her.

From TikTok to Instagram to Twitter, Tana Mongeau posted about Chris Miles’ cheating. In order to announce the news, she posted series of posts and videos of herself crying. At the same time, she shared a screenshot of a text from Miles claiming that he will start acting single. Similarly, Mongeau asked him why he was going this to her. In order to make her feel better, her cousins came over as well.

Shortly after, Chris Miles posted a video of himself and Mongeau in bed. At the same time, he wrote in the caption:

Someone gotta take her phone away when she’s drunk.

For now, there is silence on all fronts. Who knows what Tana Mongeau will be up to tomorrow?

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