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Tana Mongeau reveals she would steal from grocery stores when she couldn’t afford it

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There’s no denying that Tana Mongeau has the wildest stories ever. Every time a new episode of Cancelled podcast comes out, there’s a new story from her. This week, she and Brooke Schofield invited Lilah Gibney. While Hunter Moreno is on tour, they decided to spice things up with a new guest. During the episode, Mongeau and Gibney confessed to stealing from grocery stores in the past. Interestingly, people resonated with them instead of criticizing them. This also shows how common it is for people to steal who cannot afford food.

In the beginning, Tana Mongeau gained popularity with her StoryTime videos.

At the mere age of 23, she has become one of the most famous YouTubers. Although Tana Mongeau is actively posting for only 7 years, her career is riddled with controversies. While there are many incidents, the failed TanaCon is the biggest one so far. After VidCon did not invite her, Tana Mongeau organized her own. However, it turned out to be a huge disaster. Therefore, the internet canceled her for good. Interestingly, the negative fame came quite late. Previously, she would post StoryTime videos. According to her followers, her videos had the most insane stories which were unbelievable at times. From tales of a psychotic sugar daddy to getting arrested for drug possession, Tana Mongeau’s life is a crazy one. Similarly, her love life is no less dramatic. At one point, she and Jake Paul decided to get married in Las Vegas. However, she later revealed that their marriage was not legal.

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Recently, Tana Mongeau confessed to stealing from grocery stores.

In the latest episode of Cancelled, Brooke and Tana Mongeau invited Lilah Gibney. During the conversation, the three women shared the tales of their struggling days. This is when Mongeau admitted that she used to steal groceries if she could not afford them. In the beginning, Gibney reminisced on how long they had all known each other. To which, Brooke reminded her that since they use to sleep on the kitchen floor, work in McDonald’s, and steal from grocery stores. In response to that, Gibney admitted that she used to steal her outfits from Goodwill. This is when Tana Mongeau chimed in and said:

I resonate with that a lot because I used to steal from Goodwill and a lot of other places. And in Vegas when we could not afford, we would go to Food for Less and steal groceries. In Vegas, a lot of stores have no chase policies that if you’re stealing from a store, they cannot chase you. So we would fill up the cart, run out and they couldn’t chase you.

After the episode came out, a lot of people resonated with her story

In the comment section, many people confessed to stealing like Tana Mongeau. According to one Instagram user:

I used to work from Walmart we constantly had people come in and take carts full of stuff if it was groceries or baby stuff we would just let them be. These stores don’t give a fuck about you as an employee mind as well help out someone in need

Another said that this is the least problematic thing she has ever said.

Meanwhile, others admitted that if you’re poor, it’s okay to steal. At the same time, people found Tana Mongeau’s story very relatable.

Although her podcast is called Cancelled, it seems that people are accepting Tana Mongeau again.

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