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YouTube Prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Arrested For Allegedly Beating a Woman

The controversial YouTube prankster, Vitaly has been arrested for Felony Aggravated Battery for allegedly beating an unknown woman.

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Arrested

According to the tabloid news website, TMZ, the social media influencer attacked a female at Miami Beach, Floria. The 28-year-old YouTube personality then started punching her repeatedly in the face and chest, as per the documents.

VitalyzdTV’s Vitaly Zdorovetskiy was hiding in the bushes nearby and surprised the woman before allegedly throwing punches at her. She told the police that the Russian-American prankster ran into a nearby house after she started screaming for help. The same house Vitaly later got arrested from. The victim claims that she does not know anything about her attacker.

According to reports, the female had to get stitches for a deep cut above her eye. The Russian prankster was released after paying a $7500 bond.

He’s been in the News before

This is not his first arrest though. The controversial Zdorovetskiy has been arrested several times before. Climbing the pyramids in Egypt, Giza, and Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, put him behind bars as well. Vitaly was also arrested for running down the field amid the 2014 FIFIA World Cup Final between Argentina and Germany.

Talking of surprise attacks, the social media influencer did something similar at the Logan Paul vs KSI 2 rematch in November 2019 too. During Logan Pauls vs KSI match, Vitaly got into an altercation with YouTube’s fitness guru Bradley Martin. The Russsian went up to Zoo Culture gym’s Bradley Martin out of nowhere and grabbed his throat after a few exchanges of words.

However, the 6’3” tall 235-pound beast disciplined Vitaly with a couple of heavy blows to the attacker’s face. The Russian apologized soon after. Some say he was under the influence of drugs. Vitaly later claimed that it was just a publicity stunt and the fight was fake. Zoo Culture owner did not confirm the claims.

Dankanator will keep you updated on the star of YouTube’s VitalyzdTV (10.3 million subscribers).