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James Corden lost his cool 5 times in the show

James Corden lost his cool 5 times in the show

This month is The Late Late Show with James Corden‘s fifth anniversary. In honor of this, they posted a video showing the five times James lost his temper. He is this cool and funny guy who is seen goofing about, making people laugh. So seeing him in another state (while acting obviously) was unexpected.

James Corden loses his calm

The first clip shows him dressed as Genie, standing with a bunch of people preparing for a musical. Will Smith comes over and tells James that he is better suited for the role and James would look better as Abu. James loses his calm when told off like that as he doesn’t want to dress up as a monkey.

But looks like he lost this battle at the clip’s end, he looks like a monkey. In the next clip, Jason Sudeikis, and Ice Cube are invited to play in the ships ahoy segment. But they don’t take the game seriously enough. It ends the whole thing when James Corden smashes the ship in his anger.

The third clip initially shows an enthusiastic James for his favorite segment Celebrity Noses. Apparently, he got it back on with difficulty. After his mic starts distorting, he asks for a new one. And the crew doesn’t take him seriously and replaces his mic with big and weird mics. He gets dragged off the stage in the end. The next clip shows James Corden screaming at the crew for not giving him his drink the way he asked for it.

In the end, the audience disappoints him by only asking questions from Neil Patrick. Because he is very offended, he starts screaming at everyone and quits the show. While a silent and awkward Neil is left standing on the stage.