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Why Will Smith Fired Liza Koshy From Gemini Man

Will Smith’s latest project Gemini Man is releasing in theaters today on October 11, 2019. It is an action-thriller film based on a hitman who is targeted by – Surprise – a younger clone of himself. Gemini Man is one of those rare movies which faced development hell. It took them 20 years to finalize the movie. Yes, 20 years. (Will Smith has a 21-year old son Jaden Smith now. ) To honor the movie release, Will Smith shared a behind-the-scenes video with Liza Koshy. Now, if you are wondering what David Dobrik’s ex-girlfriend is doing with Will Smith? Well, she was hired as CGI prop for Gemini Man but then fired by Will Smith himself. Find out how.

Liza Koshy Plays Will Smith’s Younger ‘CGI’ Clone

As per the plot of the movie, a younger version of Will Smith was needed for Gemini Man. And Will Smith decided to choose Liza Koshy as the CGI stand-in for the young Will Smith. Well, we agree with Liza Koshy on this. The resemblance they both have is uncanny. Liza Koshy keeps making mistakes throughout the shoot of their first scene. When she is dressed as a green CGI stand-in (looking more like a cross between a frog and hulk).

Sometimes, she takes the dialogues as a direct hit on herself and starts fighting back. Other times, Liza Koshy gets confused that she is not shooting for YouTube. And hence, she should not be looking towards the camera.

Throughout the video, Liza Koshy keeps making hilarious sounds and Will Smith keeps asking her not to do so. During the shooting of a fight scene, Liza keeps getting scared and sends a stand-in for herself. Who in turn, gets equally scared just like her.

The Ultimate Collaboration For Gemini Man

Liza Koshy and Will Smith actually collaborated for a hilarious vlog to promote his upcoming movie, Gemini Man. As a matter of fact, this is not their first collaboration. Liza Koshy and Will Smith have collaborated before as well. About a year ago, Will Smith shared a video titled “I Shouldn’t Have Challenged Liza Koshy”. You can find more of their collaborations on YouTube.