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'The Turning' & 'The Haunting Season 2' Are Based On Same Book

‘The Turning’ & ‘The Haunting Season 2’ Are Based On Same Book

It’s the Halloween month but our most awaited The Haunting Season 2 is not coming out this month. Some wishes cannot be granted by Netflix. The first season of the show was based on the novel The Haunting Of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. Whereas; it was officially announced that the second season will be based on works by Henry James. The new season is named The Haunting Of Bly Manor and it comes out in 2020. Surprisingly, this season is based on “The Turn Of The Screw”, a Henry James book released in 1898. However, that’s not the only upcoming horror flick. The upcoming movie The Turning is also based on the same book. In fact, you will witness Stranger Things famed Finn Wolfhard scaring the hell out of his nanny in The Turning.

The Turning | Upcoming Movie Based On The Turn Of The Screw

The Turn Of The Screw happens to be one of our favorite horror movies from our childhood. (when I say our…I mean my sister and me, myself). In fact, there are many adaptations of the book. And these include both television and film adaptations. Therefore, seeing “The Turning” in the feed has us pretty excited. The trailer just came out yesterday and Woah! get ready to be scared. Finn Wolfhard has outdone himself as he plays a very scary non-ghostly roll in the movie The Turning. The other cast members include Mackenzie Davis, Brooklynn Prince, Joely Richardson, and Barbara Marten.

Steven Spielberg is the brain behind the project which was initiated under the title Haunted in 2016. However, due to some issues in the alterations of title, characters and the story. Spielberg pulled the plug before the beginning of the shoot and a new team was formed later. Out of the budget of $17 million, $5 million was already spent before the shoot. The Turning release date is confirmed as January 24, 2020. Watch the trailer below:

The Turning, Haunting Of Bly Manor, Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting Of Bly Manor | Netflix

Netflix released The Haunting Of Hill House season 1 in October 2018. Since it was the Halloween month, fans are expecting season 2 titled The Haunting Of Bly Manor to come out in Halloween month, next year in 2020. Now, that is like 12 months later. It’s going to be torture when you will see The Turning in January and become curious about how the story is adapted by Netflix. However, we have some updates on the cast. The announced cast includes Catherine Parker, T’Nia Miller, Rahul Kohli, Benjamin Ainsworth & Amelie Smith. Whereas; the returning cast includes Henry Thomas, Kate Siegel, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Victoria Pedretti and Catherine Parker.

The Turning, Haunting Of Bly Manor, Haunting of Hill House