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Why Will Smith and Clive Owen’s ‘Gemini Man’ Took 20 Years To Develop

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Gemini Man is another futuristic SciFi action and features one of our favorite heroes in Hollywood, Will Smith. For those of you who do not know, the story of the film actually revolves around an assassin chasing another assassin (Will Smith). This new killer is an absolute copy of the assassin’s younger self, named Junior. Clive Owen characterizes as Junior’s handler, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays a supporting role.

The “Old” Script of Gemini Man

As reported by Business Insider, the script of this movie had been circulating Hollywood for a couple of decades. It finally got Ang Lee’s attention in 2017. Before this, convinced filmmakers said that it was difficult pulling off this movie due to the lack of technology.  Otherwise, the movie could have even featured big names like Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, and Nicolas Cage.

Now, as we mentioned earlier, Junior looks exactly like Henry’s (Will Smith) younger self. That means director Ang Lee needed to get Gemini Man technology that was much more than makeup and visual effects.

Computerized Version of Will Smith

Will Smith, who turned 51 this year, needed much more than just fancy makeup and visual edits. To recreate Will’s younger version Ang Lee took made sure he does justice when taking on this challenge. His team of animators created a computerized model of Will Smith. Will’s early works were analyzed, his face was drawn to have the right kind of face and muscle structure. This was all to pull off a splendid young Will Smith.

Interestingly, Ang Lee is popular for directing Life of Pi. The movie’s visuals were so real that it went on to win Oscars in the best direction and cinematography in 2013. Paramount Pictures gave the job to Weta Digital, a company by Peter Jackson, who created visual effects. This company has worked for Avengers: Endgame, Lord of the Ring, and X-Men Series, by the way.

The animators still faced a lot of issues regarding the accuracy of the expressions. One of the team members explained how people have evolved enough to distinguish even the slightest of mistakes in the movies and actors’ performances. Hence, it was a real challenge to get everything right for a computerized person who would play one of the major roles in the movie itself.

What Are the Drawbacks?

Perhaps what is Will Smith’s new movie trying to portray is that this technology can now be increasingly used to make movies inside computers. The acting done in Life of Pi was in a single set, we know that. Next, visual effects and CGI hugely contributed Avengers: Endgame. Perhaps this means that filmmaking is about to revolutionize entirely?

Moreover, any technology fallen in the wrong hands is dangerous and can deceive the population. There are videos already on politicians saying and doing stuff that they never did, all thanks to detailed visual edits. This new technology can give mischief-makers a whole new platform work their dirty magic on.

However, there will always be good and bad sides to everything. This certainly should not stop anyone from using and developing the latest technology for the right purpose. Anyways, Gemini Man is out in theatres right now. So, don’t you miss a chance to see stars like Will Smith, Clive Owen and Mary Elizabeth in action!

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