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Spies In Disguise | How Will Smith Met Tom Holland?

For the first time ! In an escape room !

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Have you watched Spies in Disguise yet? If you have not then you better get that ticket and make your holidays special. It is adventurous, it is a family movie and, well, it has Will Smith and Tom Holland. Spies in Disguise released on December 25, 2019. Tom Holland plays the nerdy genius, whereas; Will Smith is the most awesome spy out there. And believe it or not, both did not meet during the whole shoot/voice-dubbing sessions. In fact, their first meeting took place in an “Escape Room” arranged by Will Smith.

Tom Holland & Will Smith meet for the first time

When it comes to Will Smith meeting his co-stars for the first time, he knows how to break the ice and get right into it. That is why we have to give all the credit to Smith when it came to meeting his co-star from Spies in Disguise. Smith chose wisely and set the meeting to take place in an Escape Room, or rather an Escape Hotel.

Will Smith meets Tom Holland and goes like:

We’re like in a movie together, our characters have all this spectacular chemistry. And literally this is the first time we have ever met.

Tom Holland felt like he has met Will Smith before because he has been watching Smith’s movies since his childhood. They also revealed that Tom Holland dubbed his part in the movie before Will Smith.

Even though Holland gets the super-nerdy roles in most of his movies, he says he does not get anything that comes out of his mouth. The tough-words, scientific terms and facts are all foreigner to him.

Escape Room Experience

An escape room is a game that has a team of players working together. It is not like the hunger games, nope. You do not have to beat your teammates. In fact, you have to cooperate with each other, solve the puzzles together and find a way to escape the room.

So, that is what they do. Tom Holland and Will Smith start the game by entering two separate rooms, blindfolded. Smith asks Holland to use his “Spidey” senses and get them out of there. Their “spy” instincts are put to test and they actually do pretty well. Tom Holland even danced in front of a cam, taking it as a part to unlock his room.

The duo then works together to solve the rest of the puzzles using the Morse Code that unlocks a padlock with a clue in a box. The last puzzle says:

to break free there is a code, a special date, that every pigeon knows.

Will Smith, whose spy accidentally turns into a pigeon in the Spies in Disguise movie, could not guess the clue. Tom Holland guesses it and it’s the movie’s release date: Christmas Day.

Watch the movie with your kids, parents, siblings, friends and loved ones. Check the trailer:

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