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Liza Koshy Tries Out Martial Arts For Our Pleasure

Little Brown Girl Kicking Some Ass

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The popular YouTuber Liza Koshy is doing something totally different this time. For her latest video, Koshy decided to film a martial arts lesson that she attended along with her friends. Even though Liza and her friends are no experts on the activity, they’re still having some fun!

Liza Koshy and Group Enjoy Martial Arts Lesson

For the martial arts class, Liza is joined by several of her friends including Zane Hijazi, Matt King, Heath Hussar, and Mariah Amato. The video introduces each one to the viewers as they all succeed at  breaking a tile with just a bare hand. The video then proceeds with the group training for some warm up exercises and practices. No one is an expert but that did not stop them from having fun!

While the group hilariously fails at several martial arts moves, things are made interesting with some accidents. Zane Hijazi might even regret his decision to be involved in this lesson- the guy might have even stretched his private muscles! At several points in the video, Liza shared her blunt thoughts on the lesson believing that it looked like all the rebels were put together in one place. Koshy also decided to describe martial arts as the art of groin pulling because that was literally true in Hijazi’s case.

At one point in the video, Matt King got so agitated that he expressed his anger at the wooden statues placed in the studio. He claimed that they were constantly looking over his shoulder. While blurting some threats, King resorted to physically punching each of the three figures on their heads!

By the end of it, the group had succeeded at several moves. But most importantly, they made several conclusions. They all learned how ‘athletic’ Matt King really was. Taking on the sarcasm, King admitted that he lacked flexibility.

Check Out The Video Below

What will Liza Koshy‘s next week video feature?

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