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Why Is James Charles Losing Instagram Followers?

James Charles lost half a million Instagram followers but is it because of a glitch in the site or because he stirred a gender appropriation debate.

T he beauty YouTuber James Charles is fairly popular among the public. And nobody needs more evidence to prove that statement. If you still have doubts, you need to know that Birmingham was brought to a standstill when hundreds of excited fans rushed to see Charles attending the launch of a brand in a mall. Charles has even won awards like the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Beauty Influencer. But the man lost half a million followers overnight on Instagram. Is it because there was some glitch in the application or because he stirred a controversy with his response to a fan who tried to gender-shame him?

Did James Charles Lose Followers Due to Instagram Glitch?

James Charles took to Twitter to express his shock on the fact that he just lost half a million Instagram followers. And even questioned what was up with the social networking site.

Apparently, he is not the only one reporting the loss of followers overnight. Apart from celebrities and other bloggers with huge number of followers, ordinary users can been seen complaining about all this too. Initially, people assumed that the platform was getting rid of fake accounts and wiping out all inactive users. But later, through an official post, it was confirmed that there was a glitch in the system. And Instagram added that they were looking to resolve the issue at their end.

Is This Really the Reason that James Charles Lost Followers on Instagram?

Although this looks like the actual reason why Charles lost a million  followers overnight on Instagram, let’s consider more possible reasons. Recently, someone accused James Charles of gender appropriation on Twitter. When he responded back, it stirred a debate on the same topic online.

Apparently, a fan slammed him for publicly talking about wanting dicks and putting makeup on his younger brother. Well, you might have spotted his brother in his videos and as far as the dick thing is concerned, this went on the YouTuber’s Christmas wish list. 

James responded to the fan telling him to shut up for one tweet. In another tweet, the same fan questioned when they will start shaming people for gender appropriation. And Charles responded saying that the tweet was so dumb, he could feel his brain cells walking away from him.

But let’s just hope that whatever the reason is, Instagram gives back James Charles his lost 500,000 followers.

James Charles is an American beauty YouTuber and makeup artist. He was the first male ambassador for CoverGirl. Apart from his awards, he is most prominent for his beauty videos, and his latest Morphe collection palette which got sold out in less than 10 minutes!