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Pop Boys From ‘One Direction’ Hint Reunion With Shawn Mendes!

Are Those Pop Boys From ‘One Direction’ Planning A Reunion with New Member Shawn Mendes?

Fans are terribly missing their ‘Midnight memories’ band boys.

One Direction Band Boys Announced Their Hiatus In 2015

The ‘One Direction’ Band spunk ‘Harry Styles’ said that he is perhaps the one who first proposed the idea of taking a break. Later in the same interview, the band boy hinted the possible reunion of the group in the future.

‘The Drag Me Down’ creators announced their hiatus back in August 2015.

As a matter of fact, The group’s hiatus meant that the remaining bandmates could work on their own projects.

The band, in fact, announced their break five months after  Zayn Malik reportedly left One Direction in March. However, in another interview, the pop boy, Harry told that they have already worked on the plans about going their separate ways in late 2014.

Previously, Zayn Malik detached himself from the band to launch his solo career. He thus orbited his identity via a lead single ‘Sign Of The Times’.

Fans Are Anxiously Waiting For The Reunion

Fans have been waiting for the news of  One Direction reunion since the day they announced they were going on hiatus, and now it looks like it will probably happen one day.

An years ago, Liam Payne, revealed that One Direction boys are planning to get back in the future.

“I’ve been in touch with Niall [Horan] and Harry [Styles] a little bit. It thinks it’d be nice if we could get back together but we’ll see. In time, all in good time.”

‘One Direction’ Boy And Shawn Mendes Collaborated Work

Recently, Niall Horan and Shawn Mendes threw a stirring spoiler of collaboration on a new song. Shawn, however, has been teasing his fresh music on his Instagram account with video clips.

Niall reportedly confirmed the possibility of working with Shawn Mendes in the following words,

“We’re going to try.”

Everything was originally tweeted at the Social Media Platform, and the news gets viral when Liam Payne joined the streak, writing, “Can I play the triangle?”

Freaky Fans Are Waiting To See Their Favorite Band Again

Obviously, a bunch of fans’ responses follow the tweets where most of them suggested to call the remaining members like  Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson back.

One Twitter follower even suggested a new name ‘ANOTHER DIRECTION’ for the band. Freaky fans will certainly go crazy if Shawn Mendes would join the One Direction team.

One Direction was an English-Irish pop boy band based in London. The members included Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and, Zayn Malik. The group came third in the seventh series of the British singing competition The X Factor in 2010. This success showcased the band to social media. One Direction’s five albums, Up All Night (2011), Take Me Home, Midnight Memories, Four, and Made in the A.M.  in fact, were toppers of the chart.

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