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Where Did Lil Tay Vanish?

Where Did Lil Tay Vanish?

The once social media sensation Claire Eileen Qi Hope aka Lil Tay. The then 9-year-old meme machine raked in a huge following in just a couple of months and then disappeared at the same rate. So what happened to her?

Claire got quite famous a couple of years back especially on Stan Twitter and the YouTube drama channels. For those who aren’t familiar, Stan Twitter is a Twitter community interested in posting music, movies, TV shows, celebrities, and social media-related content.  Anyways, coming back to the topic. Most of you might know that Lil Tay has been off the radar since her family and her ruined the online career. It has left many fans and followers wondering what actually happened to her.

Well, it all started when she started posting very controversial videos online back in 2017. In them, she would regularly be bragging about how rich she was, flexing designer clothes. expensive houses, and cars. The controversy started when Lil Tay was seen using racial slurs, cursing, and smoking in her videos. She was just 9 when she was doing that, which is rather unusual at that age.

She drew a lot of attention because of this and raked in a whopping 2 million Instagram followers in just under a year. However, all that fame was about to go crashing down when people found out what was actually happening.

What happened to Lil Tay?

Remember all those luxury houses and expensive cars? Well, yes, they were amazing but allegedly none of that was hers. Lil Tay’s mother was related to the real estate industry and it is said that Mercedez Benz belonged to her mother’s boss.

The saddest part, however, was that Lil Tay’s brother was responsible for orchestrating the whole thing and used the little girl as a puppet. Then an unedited video of her was leaked by rapper Snoop Dogg on Instagram and called out the family too. “She needs to learn how to be a little girl instead of acting like this on the internet”, said Snoop Dogg.

In 2018, things went south for the girl and things started going down that year. She was off for quite some time and then uploaded a cryptic message on Instagram stories that said: “help me”. All of her posts and videos on YouTube were also deleted from the channel.

According to anonymous posts on her Instagram, Lil Tay’s father Christopher Hope was the reason behind her disappearance. The posts also shed light on the father’s abusive behavior and that he was cheating on his wife too. Hope was allegedly trying to get custody of Tay and had banned her from social media. All of that was quite shocking and things were looking pretty sad for the girl.

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