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Why are Americans protesting against coronavirus lockdown?

Why are Americans protesting against coronavirus lockdown?

The USA has always been the odd one out, whatever list you might be looking at. It’s the only developed country without a single-payer healthcare system. The country with the most incarcerated people per unit population. It spends more on the military than all of its allies COMBINED. However, Trump is now leading the world in one prospect they are not proud of. USA has the most number of coronavirus cases AND deaths from a list of more than 200 countries. But, that is not the reason why you will see Americans protesting on the streets.

Americans protest to end the lockdown?

The USA will have up to 1 million coronavirus cases by the end of this month. Moreover, the number of deaths could even cross 60 thousand. However, some Americans are still flocking to their state capitals and highways to protest against the lockdown. Why, you might ask? Why do they want to open the lockdown amid this crisis? I have a one-word answer: TRUMP. Now, you make consider this another article by the leftist media to blame Trump. But hear me out.

The organizers behind these protests are largely Republican pro-Trump and pro-gun activists. They want to “open up the economy” and often cite Trump’s “The cure cannot be worse from the disease.” However, Trump’s most quoted work in these protests is “hoax”. To be honest, they do not seem like a bright bunch of people. On one hand, they say that the government is hiding the actual number of deaths, but on the other, they say the virus is basically harmless and we should end the lockdown. These protests are hindering whatever is left running after the coronavirus. And they pose a serious threat to national security. John Roland, a militia leader in Illinois, told the BBC:

Re-open my state or we will re-open it ourselves.

Donald Trump vs. State Governors amid coronavirus:

In an unexpected twist, both Democratic and Republican governors are firing at Trump for “not doing enough”. At first, Trump advised governors to get help from wherever they could get to fight the coronavirus. However after GOP Governor Larry Hogan bought tests from South Korea because Trump wasn’t helping him, the President decided to backtrack:

I don’t think he needed to go to South Korea. He needed to get a little knowledge.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who is at the epicenter of this crisis, has tried to handle this epidemic the best way possible. His state is leading in testing and diagnosis of coronavirus. However, Trump still criticized his actions on Twitter instead of actually helping him out. His supporters are even calling for the resignation of Dr. Anthony Fauci in their protests. Dr. Fauci has served as Director of NIAID since 1984, under six presidents. He even predicted a pandemic and said that the USA was inadequately prepared for it. Let’s hope that President Trump shuts down these protests instead of actually supporting them.