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Travis Scott receives backlash for continuing singing while watching unconscious fan at ‘Astroworld’

According to eyewitnesses, Travis Scott could see the injured people but did not stop the concert and kept singing.

On Friday, a tragic incident took place at Travis Scott’s concert. During the Astroworld Festival, a stampede began which resulted in several injuries and deaths. While the fans begged for help, Scott kept singing. According to many eyewitnesses, people kept asking the festival organizers and camera operators to shut down the concert. However, they ignored the pleas, and performance continued. Many claim that Scott knew exactly what was happening but ignored it all. The videos are circulating on the internet.

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After the tragedy struck, past lawsuits of festival producers have emerged

In 2018, Travis Scott launched Astroworld Festival named after his studio album. The festival is promoted by Live Nation Worldwide and Live Nation Entertainment. Since the incident on Friday, the news of lawsuits and federal scrutiny against them has been circulating. According to reports, the promoters were fined for 10 violations from 2016 to 2019. This includes a fall because of issues with rope, scaffolding, and ladder. While many claim that there were no such issues at the Travis Scott concert, someone attending Gwen Stefani concert also sued them. In 2016, a stampede began during the Stefani concert which resulted in an attendee’s broken leg. After the incident at Astroworld Festival, the company issued a statement which read:

“Our hearts are with the Astroworld Festival family tonight — especially those we lost and their loved ones. We are focused on supporting local officials however we can.”

According to eye witnesses, Travis Scott could see injured people but ignored them

Right after Travis Scott got on the stage, the crowd became restless. According to eyewitnesses, it became difficult to breathe. After the stampede started, the crowd begged the organizers and camera operators to stop the concert. At the same time, the ambulance proceeded to take away the injured which Scott could see. However, he kept performing and ignored the people. In a video that is circulating on Twitter, the medics are carrying an unconscious man while Travis Scott continues to sing.

When the video of Travis Scott came out, people expressed their disappointment

There were a few people who took the singer’s side. Most of them were angry with him. According to one Twitter user:

who starts singing after realizing their fans are getting hurt

Meanwhile, another said:

He continued the show and told people he wants to make the ground shake AFTER acknowledging the ambulance in the crowd

Another one described the situation as human sacrifice.

On the other hand, one Twitter user expressed how disturbing and horrifying the video was.

One user labeled Travis as a zombie.